Best Beaches to Visit near Hanoi

Best Beaches to Visit near Hanoi


There are several best beaches to visit near Hanoi.
Being the capital, one would seek a short escapade – away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One good thing about residing in Hanoi is that just a few kilometers away are a few of the best beaches that Vietnam has to offer.

Do Son Beach

Do Son Beach is a popular beach destination for both the locals and tourists. It is located in the Hai Phong province and is approximately 126 kilometers from Hanoi – one of the best beaches that are close to the city. Do Son is the name for its district and the beach.

The beach boasts a sweeping view with white sands sprawling throughout the place – best enjoyed with your friends under a huge umbrella with cool drinks!

The Do Son Beach used to be known as a resort town for the French during its colonization. It is popularized by the annual buffalo fight ritual that is usually held around late September or October.

The town of Do Son is equipped with several restaurants, hotels, and resorts with coveted sea views. Due to the town’s popularity, products sold such as local delicacies are priced higher in comparison to other beaches.

Its beach is divided into 3 sectors composed of the entrance, the second sector is filled with dining options and hotels, while the third section is for those who seek tranquility and a laid-back vibe.

The Do Son Beach has grown into a tourist destination over time and is typically crowded during peak seasons which falls in the months of summer.

Do Son Beach, Vietnam

Bai Chay Beach

Location: Quang Ninh Province, 100 kilometers from Hanoi

Nestled at the Quang Ninh Province around 100 kilometers away from Hanoi, the iconic Halong Bay offers several tourist attractions in Vietnam. It features a number of beachside activities, sightseeing, and recreational activities.

One of the closest beaches to the bay is Bai Chay Beach which is considered one of the many stunning beaches near Hanoi. The beach offers a variety of essential needs for tourists such as hotels, seafood restaurants, and of course, resorts.

There are plenty of dining options to choose from ranging from basic food shops to luxurious cuisines. Travelers generally integrate touring options in the town like visiting Bai Chay Beach then exploring the notable Ha Long Bay. Or wander around Hoang Gia Park, Royal Water Park, Vietnam Cultural Theater, and Ha Long night market.

The beach is artificially made spanning 500 meters long and 1000 meters wide with a series of hills accentuated by pine trees. Strategically located where both locals and tourists can have ease of access, the Bai Chay is flooded with people in the summer.

For a more serene experience at Ha Long Bay, it is best to book a tour going to Titop island where the water is clear and refreshing plus away from pollution. Another notable place to visit that is not yet that crowded is Van Don Beach!.

Bai Chay Beach, Vietnam

Beaches in Cat Ba Island

Location: Quang Ninh Province, 160 kilometers from Hanoi

Alongside the Bai Chay beach is yet another impressive beach – Cat Ba island which is stationed within the UNESCO-listed Ha Long Bay.

It is known to be the pearl of the Northern Gulf, the island captivates every heart of anyone who sees it. The Cat Ba is the biggest of the 1,969 islands of Ha Long bay. It houses the true beauty of the flora and fauna matching unperturbed bodies of water from waterfalls, rivers, springs, and the sea that surrounds it.

Within the island are famous beaches – Cat Co One and Cat Co Three which are best for daytime wandering. On the other hand, Cat Co two is specialized in accommodations such as bungalows and chalets for overnight stays.

To immerse more of the nearby islands, try hopping in on a boat ride to Lan Ha Bay or Trung Trang cave. For a more exhilarating experience, you might opt for a boat ride to Lan Ha Bay or Trung Trang cave. Seafood served around these islands is quite cheaper compared to the touristy Cat Ba Island.

Beaches in Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Tuan Chau Beach

Location: Quang Ninh Province, 160 kilometers from Hanoi

Appealing to luxury travelers, Tuan Chau Beach is one of the best beaches to visit near Hanoi. It is located southwest of Ha Long Bay and is approximately 160 kilometers away from Hanoi.

The Tuan Chau beach possesses crystal clear turquoise waters with regal villas, fine dining restaurants, extravagant shows and activities.

Most notable shows are the dolphin and seal performances, laser light shows, martial art shows, and film screenings. These shows are offered on a daily basis on a sail-shaped stage with more than 3,000 capacity.

Aside from taking laps at its sea, you can also explore its artificial springs and waterfalls. Or head to the mall. You are never short of fun activities as this complex also houses a botanical garden and a wildlife center.

Other exciting activities are composed of jet skiing, kayaking, and mountain climbing. Everything is within your fingertips at this beach, however, note that this is a luxury paradise that comes with a price.

Tuan Chau Beach, Vietnam

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