Best time to Visit Hanoi

Best Time to Visit Hanoi


Generally, the best time to visit Hanoi is during the autumn and spring season where the temperature is perfect to explore the city.

Hanoi in Peak Season

February to April and October to November which is the fall season are considered the peak season but the best time to visit Hanoi.

The temperature during February to April is ideal to explore the city. It is not too scorchingly hot to walk around and tourist attractions can be easily accessed.

At the end of February, the temperature changes and gives off a cool breeze welcoming a mild dry climate. The temperature during this time can range from 15-20 C which is essential for the blooming of several plants painting the fields with an array of kaleidoscopic spectra.

Vietnamese locals and tourists then await the coming of October. This month lets off cool air perfectly blended to the warmth of the sun. During this month, the fields in Hanoi dramatically change to maize and gold while the sky is painted in blue. The average temperature of this month is about 25 C.

Hanoi in Peak Season Vietnam

Hanoi in Off Season

The off season or the summer season starts from May to September. It is considered as an off season because these are the official months of monsoon in Hanoi. Same goes for the months of December- January as this is the winter season in the city.

During summer, the temperature ranges from 30-33 C which causes extreme heat. On top of this is the scattered rain and random typhoons. The high humidity and precipitation will definitely create discomfort to any travellers, thus, during these months it is best to stay indoors. Or find any indoor activity you can join.

In December to January, the temperature can drop up to 10 C. Winters in Hanoi are different from the rest of Vietnam as it can get extra cold due to humidity and the windy condition during these months.

In the morning, the temperature can only go as high as 20 C and it is advised to wear warm clothes. Note that if you are intending to visit Hanoi during its winter season, it is best to book as early as you can as this is considered one of the busiest season.

Hanoi in Off Season Vietnam

February – April Spring

The month of February marks the start of spring in Hanoi. Around this month, the temperature is at 18 C with clear blue skies however, note that during this month the humidity can reach to 70%.

The months of March and April are perfect time to visit and explore Hanoi. The temperature is just about right ranging from 20-24 C. The mild temperature is just perfect to go strolling on the streets of Hanoi.

Not sure what to see in Hanoi? You can check the Hoan Kiem Lake or the One Pillar Pagoda, once done exploring, try these famous street foods in Vietnam.

Notable spring festivals and celebrations that you can enjoy around these months are Tet festival, Co Loa Festival, Dong Festival, Le Mat Festival and Keo Pagoda Festival.

Spring, Hanoi Vietnam

May – September Summer

The month of May is not too hot compared to the following months of Summer. In May, the temperature is at 28 C and the sky is partly clear. This abruptly changes as the month of June enters.

The temperatures rise to 29-33 C and the highest temperature can reach up to 40 C. In fact, June is considered the hottest month of summer in Hanoi. But at the same time, June also marks the start of scattered random drizzles which can last for several hours in a day.

The peak of rainfall in Hanoi falls under the months of July to August and can reach over 200mm while its temperature is at 29 C.

In September, the temperature and rain somehow subsides but just a little notch. The temperature is at 27 C and the rainfall is at 150mm. Note that the humidity stays at its peak at around 75% for the whole summer in Hanoi. These months are basically the city’s off season due to weather conditions however, you can expect lower rates on accommodation and flights.

If you are planning to visit Hanoi during these months, make sure to always bring an umbrella or a raincoat whenever you go out. Also, check the weather condition. If there’s an anticipated heavy downpour, it is best to stay indoors.

Notable festivals during these months are the Chem Temple Festival, Bullfighting Festival, Dong Nhan Temple and the must-see festival of this season is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Summer, Hanoi Vietnam

October – November Fall

The months of October to November are also the best time to visit Hanoi. These months have temperatures ranging from 24-27 C with crystal blue skies. You can also expect lesser rain during these months with less than 100mm.

Most leaves wither in fall however, there are also unique ones that bloom despite the season. If you are headed to Hanoi during these months, you are sure to have a great time exploring the nearby intercity attractions like the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the West Lake, Hoa Lo Prison Memorial, Temple of Jade Mountain or Dong Xuan Market. Or embark on a journey to past as you stroll along the hawker crowded streets of Old Quarter.

There are also several shopping centers and food shops that you can check for souvenirs or tasting authentic Vietnamese cuisines.

If not, try some of the delectable street foods around Hanoi.

Notable events and festivals during the autumn season in Hanoi are the Liberation Day and the Keo Pagoda Festival.

Fall, Hanoi Vietnam

December-January Winter

Prepare your favorite winter coat, comfy knitted sweatshirts and a cup of hot choco when you head to Hanoi during its winter months. The temperature during these months can get too freezing with an average 17 C and can further drop to 10 C. Note that aside from the temperature, the cool winds and high humidity during these months doesn’t help at all – making the temperature drop a little bit more.

Most establishments don’t have built in insulation and heating, thus expect some chilly nights unless you have an insulated jacket and comforter.

It rarely rains during winter in Hanoi albeit the skies are usually covered in clouds and the surroundings are generally foggy.

Notable festivals aside from the holiday are Annual Flower Festival and Tet Festival.

Winter. Hanoi Vietnam

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