Flooding in Central Vietnam

News Update: Flooding in Central Vietnam


The flooding in Central Vietnam has left a devastating 130 deaths and still searching for 18 bodies. 

The netizens have expressed their immense empathy towards Vietnam as images showing the devastating effects of the flood surfaced – raising an online mass prayer to the affected residents all throughout Central Vietnam. 

The most popular one being the photo of the Quang Tri area engulfed by what can be perceived as mud water with Vietnam’s flag as its background. 

Central Vietnam has been experiencing continuous flood and rain for three weeks. An effect of the tropical depressions and series of storms. Quang tri, a local province in the area has the most number of casualties with 50 dead and currently, there are 4 that’s missing. 

On the other hand, 12 workers in Thua Thien-Hue are still missing after an unforeseen landslide at the Rao Trang 3 hydropower plant and unfortunately, as of this writing, they haven’t been found. 

The Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control issued a quick report to outline the damages caused by the floods in the Central region from the day it has started to the present. 

The report shows 885 houses were damaged and 320 are still partly submerged in water. A total of 1,200 hectares of rice and 7,800 hectares of crops have been lost by the agricultural sector. Not to mention more than 7,000 cattles and 927,000 poultry were swept away and killed during the flood. 

It also caused power outages in the 28 communes particularly in the province of Ha Tinh extending until the Quang Nam area. 

Some eroded roads badly need repair too. 

The pitying situation of Central Vietnam has not only captured the hearts of every nationality that has seen the shocking images of the provinces but are also moved by how resilient the local residents were.

Here’s an inspiring story of the 0 Dong Canoe rescue fleet in action to help any residents that are still trap in the floods from the week of the heavy rain until today!

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