Non-Touristy Places in Vietnam

Non-Touristy Places in Vietnam

Non-touristy places in Vietnam that are hidden gems for travelers, skip the crowd and enjoy the breathtaking views without the swarm of people by ExpatVN


Non-touristy places in Vietnam that are hidden gems for travelers, skip the crowd and enjoy the breathtaking views without the swarm of people.

Mu Cang Chai

One of the most iconic non-touristy places in Vietnam is the Mu Cang Chai. This place is commonly seen in different photos that have rice fields as a backdrop. 

It is known for its hues of greens or yellow depending on the season and its iconic layers of terraces. These terraces vary their colors depending on the stages of the rice harvest and the month of the year. 

Mu Cang Chai Districts is a remote location thus it only receives a few number of visitors but the place itself is best for trekking

It has reached the Global travel site Big 7 Travel as one of the most beautiful global destinations. 

Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Y Ty

Second on our list of non touristy places in Vietnam is Y Ty. It is nestled in the remote district of Bat Xat. 

Y Ty is known for its iconic landscapes and perfect for chasing the clouds due to its altitude. It has garnered popularity for Instagrammers looking at featuring the sea of clouds in the morning.

The place remains underdeveloped and can be challenging to reach without being accompanied by a tour guide. The NGOs are working hand in hand with the ethnic groups in the area to promote tourism. 

These projects run parallel to a legal program that’s working to secure land rights for members of ethnic minority communities—a pressing issue in this part of Northern Vietnam, and a mission that’s certainly worth supporting.

Y Ty, Vietnam

Dong Hoi

Another off the beaten track that has a lot of potential is Dong Hoi. This place is a must-see destination when visiting Northern Vietnam. 

It is the capital city of the Quang Binh province and is best explored by motorbikes. Another means to explore this promising place is through booking a tour or a taxi. 

Some of its main attractions are beaches and caves, and the tunnel network created in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a popular full-day excursion.

Its riverside town is close to the Nhat Le Beach that features a 12KM long beach just 20 mins walk from the heart of the city. 

The massive Paradise Cave (Dong Thien Duong), 70 km northwest of town is an unreal site decorated with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. 

The Phong Nha Cave located 45 km northwest of Dong Hoi, is seen as one of the most beautiful locations in Vietnam, the cave is about 55 km long, but visitors can only access the first kilometer or so.

Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Thai Nguyen

Vietnam is known for its coffee but prior to the French colonization, the locals are mostly drinking tea. 

Located in the north of Hanoi is the Thai Nguyen Province. It is the tea hub of the country as green tea is mostly grown in this area for export. 

You can find packets of loose leaf bearing the province’s name all over Hanoi and Northern Vietnam. 

There are dozens of privately owned tea plantations located close to Thai Nguyen city, itself a modest urban area. 

Owners welcome guests to sit down for a tea tasting before walking them through the fields to watch the pickers at work.

Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

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