Best Barbecue Places in Ho Chi Minh

Best Barbecue Places in Ho Chi Minh


Aside from a variety of travel experiences, there is a multitude of places to eat, this article will show you some of the best barbecue places in Ho Chi Minh and will leave you salivating on your seats!

Quan Ut Ut

Considered as the Holy Grail of the BBQ at the heart of the city, Quan Ut Ut conquers the first place in the best barbecue places in Ho Chi Minh.

Quan Ut Ut’s well-known menu features all the classics: ribs slathered in house-made sauce, slow-smoked pulled pork, fried chicken, and more.

One of the most irresistible side dishes is their rich, creamy and oh-so-cheesy mac and cheese, when you visit this place it is a must that you include this in your order!

Quan Ut Ut in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Saigon Grill

Saigon Grill perfectly sits at the heart of Ho Chi Minh with an inviting rooftop that allows the eyes to feast on the beauty of the city’s views.

This place is packed with a variety of BBQ dishes with a dose of local Vietnamese flavour and some are cooked right on the table.

This spot is perfect for anyone looking for variety; their menu includes traditional BBQ meat as well as a wide selection of seafood.

If you’re hungry, consider ordering one or two extras – the portions can be a little on the small side for anyone used to American-sized BBQ servings!

Saigon Grill in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Jake’s American BBQ

Owner Jake has been serving delicious food across Asia for the past decade, and Ho Chi Minh City is the lucky location of his latest venture.

Jake’s BBQ serves up the classic, tender, mouth-watering BBQ that southern America is known for: fall-off-the-bone ribs, crispy fried chicken, slow-and-smoked pulled pork, tasty burgers and more.

Jake’s is situated on popular Pasteur street, so make sure to drop by with your Americana on.

Jake's American BBQ in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

5ku Station

One of the best barbecue places in Ho Chi Minh boasts an authentic Vietnamese style barbecue. It is considered an enjoyable place to kick back with an ice-cold beer as this place is off-the-street grill is where locals and tourists alike mingle and devour heaps of grilled meat, seafood, vegetables, and noodles until the wee hours of the morning.

It’s so good that you’ll do a double-take when you get the bill; 5ku is notorious for its high-quality, affordable menu.

You’ll almost always have to wait for a table at peak dinner times, but it’s definitely worth it.

5ku Station in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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