street food in Saigon

Where to go for street food in Saigon?


Where to go for street food in Saigon is the second thing to ask after knowing the best street food dishes the country has to offer.  The city is a melting pot as it is the center of advancement and technology, business hub and of course, home to culinary escapades. 

Street food in Saigon has a wide array of selections and depending on location, there are streets that offer specialties that can’t be found in other places. 


Thu Thiem Tunnel Park is the first on the list of where to go for street food in Vietnam. Thu Thiem is known for its view of Saigon – the city lights and breeze add up to the best vibe while satisfying your cravings. 

Through the Saigon river tunnels, Thu Thiem is more accessible and everyone can conveniently travel from District 1 to District 2. Hence every night, people flood the park for a glance of the twinkling scenery while enjoying the fun time together on top of tasty snacks and beverages. 

If it’s your first time in Thu Thiem and deciding what food to initially try, Dua tac (kumquat coconut) is highly recommended.

Once done with your dose of Dua tac, you can opt to try these popular snacks too – mixed rice paper, skewered meat, popcorn, grilled rice paper, spring rolls and a variety of drinks to drain down all the food to your belly. 

Thu Thiem Tunnel Park, Saigon, Vietnam


Known to be as the International Square, Ho Con Rua has an array of food stalls in the area. Its peak hours is around late afternoon until night time where young adults drop by to hang out while munching a tasty snack around the lake.

The area is cool and breezy at night – an ideal hangout den for the many, thus expect a huge crowd during this time. is also known as the International Square.

Despite being the perfect place to break-free from the city hustles, vehicles are prohibited to park within the area. 

If you are aiming for a food trip you can find a variety of snacks from mixed rice paper, grilled rice paper (Vietnamese pizza), dried beef salad to grilled sausages, squid teeth, pia summer roll, and fish-shaped bread. 

HỒ CON RÙA (Turtle Lake), Saigon, Vietnam


The Notre Dame Cathedral is a known gathering place for most young adults. It is surrounded by food stalls and shops that lets you eat your heart out for some delectable street food – basically, it’s a street food haven! 

This includes Han Thuyen park and the snack alley at 84 Nguyen Du. Han Thuyen Park is the center of the lush green landscape – shading the area with canopies of trees during the day and exuding coolness at night. If you plan on heading here, make sure to NOT skip the signature drink of Cafe Bet.

Similar to other street food places on this list, you can also find mixed rice paper, grilled rice paper, stir-fried corn, fish balls, ice cream and a whole lot more with student-friendly prices thus it is super affordable! Tired of going out? Bring the street into the comforts of your home with a wide range of Vietnamese food – know what apps you can use to order and deliver take out.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon, Vietnam

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