Where to get tattoos in Ho Chi Minh

Where to get tattoos in Ho Chi Minh

Where to get tattoos in Ho Chi Minh – getting inked by professional tattoo artists in the busiest city in Vietnam!


Where to get tattoos in Ho Chi Minh – getting inked by professional tattoo artists in the busiest city in Vietnam!

Saigon Ink

One of the preferred places to get tattoos in Ho Chi Minh is Saigon Ink. Since it was the first tattoo studio to open in the city, it has gained popularity amongst locals and tourists.

The studio’s owner and founder, Danis Nguyen, is a pioneer tattoo artist in the country and is widely regarded as one of the country’s best artists, sporting a handful of international awards.

Saigon ink also gained its popularity as the leading English speaking tattoo studio in Vietnam. Many of the best tattoo artists in Ho Chi Minh City have started from Saigon Ink.

Many striking designs blend with unique Vietnamese illustrations with sharp ‘blackwork’ art and balanced color schemes.

This is one of the most famous places to get tattoos in Ho Chi Minh but note that it also comes with a price as this is also the most expensive, but the final result is guaranteed to be excellent.

Celebrity Ink™

Celebrity Ink™️ is one of the biggest and most notable tattoo brands in the world. It currently has 40+ studios in 10+ countries and Celebrity Ink™ Ho Chi Minh is its first tattoo parlor in Vietnam.

The tattoo parlor became a center of stunning body art from award-winning tattoo artists. It has been successful in creating numerous tattoos and surpassed the expectations of the clients also.

Any significant moment in your life can be embedded in your skin. The artists are highly skilled and can guarantee any picture that comes to mind can come into life on ink.

The artists have years of experience and are extremely humble with the clients. They respect the art and the clients and ensure that clients get exclusive results.

Professional tattooists at Celebrity Ink™ Ho Chi Minh City are skilled in different types of tattoo styles. They offer dedicated tattoo artists for a particular style. For example, if you need trash polka design, you will get an artist expert in the style and so on.

Saigon Tattoo Club

Another notable tattoo parlor in Ho Chi Minh is founded by Artist Bo Toee of Cheyyenn Tattoo Team known to be Saigon Tattoo Club.

The founder himself is a renowned tattoo artist with surprising performances at several tattoo art exhibitions in the world, thus, you can guarantee the outcome and the quality.

Plus, the tattoo parlor functions in accordance with its motto “our customers’ health is the most important thing”. Obviously, the tattooist of remarkable skill & professional expertise and modern equipment from western countries are two deciding factors in the shop’s success.

If by any chance you find yourself wanting to get inked or missing out on the buzzing sound from the needle, make sure to drop by the Saigon Tattoo Club and give it a try.

Recycle Bin Tattoo

A well-known professional tattooist in Ho Chi Minh is Chi Hieu and the pride of Recycle Bin Tattoo.

The Recycle Bin Tattoo offers stunning and attractive tattoo output. Aside from getting inked in this shop, the artists would also impart their knowledge on the history of tattoo art.

Apart from Jeff Gogue – California, seen as the main inspiration for the artists in Bin, what gets customers excited is the harmonious use of watercolors and how to create painting portrays.

Generally, the tattooists’ skillfulness and creativity actually get their customers’ original imagination or trendy pictures of tattoos carried out.

It is indeed fortunate for you that Recycle Bin Tattoo is a reputable name you can trust if you are staying in Saigon and searching for some parlor for tattoos.

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