Where to find the best oysters in Ho Chi Minh

Where to find the best oysters in Ho Chi Minh


Where to find the best oysters in Ho Chi Minh – a mouthwatering journey at the heart of the business capital of the Land of Rising Dragon!

Ho Chi Minh is home to the finest dishes and cuisines. As the busiest city of the country attracting both locals and foreigners, they stay true to the quality food they offer. And this includes one of the most sought after seafood – oysters.

Caravelle Saigon

One of the most notable sources to find the best oysters in Ho Chi Minh is Sitting at 19 Lam Son Square, Caravelle Saigon is known for its seafood buffet delivered fresh from Vietnam’s coastline.

Aside from this, they are also known for top-range imported meats equipped in a carving station.

The chefs at the Caravelle Saigon offer various Asian and Western dishes with tempting entrees from soup to sushi, and a spread devoted entirely to dessert.

Sundays at the Caravelle Saigon are at their peak with a series of seafood stations. A variety of fresh catch seafood masterfully crafted pasta variations and mouth watering raclette cheese.

Its carving station is a sight to see with enticing cuts of meat, sizzling pan-fried foie gras or the creamy, exquisite lobster bisque.

Weekends are just the best when spent with the family, enjoying delectable dishes at the Caravelle.

Nikko Hotel Saigon

Another most recommended seafood place is the La Brasserie is a seafood buffet restaurant located in the Nikko Hotel Saigon.

La Brasserie’s buffet is known for its lobster, oysters, sashimi, shrimp, crab, and more. During dinner, you will be serenaded by live music which gives the place a touch of sophistication.

The ambiance of the place exudes class and homey accentuated by its interiors. Join La Brasserie and be delighted in a wide selection of delicious delicacies, premium quality seafood includes rock lobsters, fresh oysters from France, delectable mud crabs and blue crabs, fresh prawns, mouth-watering salmon, a wide assortment of shellfish, authentic sushi & sashimi, and sweet treats at La Brasserie.

Chilli Quan

An open-air joint nestled along the District 4’s much-loved nhậu (drinking) street. Chilli Quan is constantly experimenting on its menu with both the restaurant’s hits and misses on display.

Currently, it is serving a variety of 24 different sauces with its fresh oysters, Chilli manages to find success in about half of its flavors but, in true Saigon spirit, the creative mind behind these snack-sized delights has gone all-in with the owner’s culinary sense of adventure and boldness.

There is no stopping ones you have started digging in on its full seafood hot pot with its enticing  fire-painted coconut at Chilli Quan.

Located on a busy street in the heart of District 4, this restaurant is chosen by many diners as a venue for family and friends gatherings.

Here, you just need to choose your favorite oyster flavor, then bake it on a charcoal stove and feel the fresh and sweet taste of the dish.

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