Where to Find the Best Cup of Tea in Vietnam?

Where to Find the Best Cup of Tea in Vietnam?

Where to find the best cup of tea in Vietnam? Keep yourself warm and revitalized in every cup during your travel to the country by ExpatVN


Where to find the best cup of tea in Vietnam? Keep yourself warm and revitalized in every cup during your travel to the country!

1. Phuc Long

One of the most trendy brands when it comes to the best cup of tea in Vietnam is Phuc Long brand. 

The brand was established way back in the 1960s in Bao Loc. Its official name is registered as Phuc Long Tea & Coffee however it has garnered more attention for its milk tea. 

Their milk tea is just plain but extremely addictive. Every sip is just a tasty treat to the tastebuds!   

Phuc Long has a reputation for high quality coffee and tea. Its patrons are mostly young professionals or middle-aged people because it generally charges a higher price for premium ingredients.

Phuc Long in Vietnam

2. Reaching Out Teahouse (Hoi An)

Established in 2000, Reaching Out Vietnam is known to be a social enterprise that encourages the handicapped to build a better future for themselves.

Its tea house is located at the heart of Hoi An. One unique factor that this tea house has is that it is served by hearing and speech impaired women. 

Thus, you can only whisper with each other and use speech cubes to place your order. With the help of the speech cubes placed on the table, you are encouraged to embrace the code of silence.

The tea here has a lovely smooth taste and is often given for free as a welcome gesture at many local cafes.

If you love tea and want to try them all at Reaching Out Tea House, go for the tea tasting set which includes a mix of Green, Oolong, Jasmine, or Herbal tea. The tea comes in beautifully handcrafted teapots.

Reaching Out Teahouse in Hoi An, Vietnam

3. Hatvala (Ho Chi Minh)

Nestled in an expensive street – Le Thanh Ton, Hatvala offers a fine place. It offers premium quality teas collected across the country and the staff is knowledgeable enough they are happy to walk you through each variant. 

With a hope to communicate the value of Vietnamese tea to the world, one founder of this tea house – Ms. Ngoc Thu – operates workshops that explore the flavors and stories behind Vietnamese tea. Ms. Thu has been traveling for five years to the tea regions of Vietnam, China, and India to consolidate her insights about this herbal drink. 

From dropping by this tea shop you’ll have a better grasp of the rich history and typical tastes of tea in Vietnam, but you will also learn a thing or two about how different types of tea suit your health and regional conditions.

Hatvala in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

4. Thuong Tra Quan (Hanoi)

Nestled in an old apartment structure in the downtown part of the city, Thuong Tra Quan is a dream come true of Viet Bac, a young IT engineer who inherits the pleasure of drinking tea from his father and grandfather to nurture the passion to preserve the old tea plants. 

He went to different parts of the country to convince and partner with farmers to keep old tea trees, some hundreds of years old, since tea farmers wanted to replace them with the new ones with higher productivity.

Its been a long journey for Viet Bac but he is reaping the seeds of his effort. His tea house becomes a popular spot for the best and rare tea varieties from Thai Nguyen and Son La, the tea kingdoms in the country, known as Bach Hac, Lac Son, Yet Te, or Nganh Ngoc. 

Moreover, at Thuong Tra Quan, you can also see traditional tea making tools and watch the process of brewing a pot of tea.

Its space is also relaxing with green plants and a small pool with golden fish.

Thuong Tra Quan in Hanoi, Vietnam

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