Where to Find Accommodations in Da Nang

Where to Find Accommodations in Da Nang


Where to find accommodations in Da Nang that are in prime locations and near main attractions in the city? Find out more as you read along.

Da Nang is the third main city in Vietnam. Several expats prefer to settle in Da Nang than in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi which is the capital.

Da Nang offers a more relaxed environment and lifestyle away from the noise and stress of the mainstream cities.

The city consists of six districts wherein the Hai Chau district on that western bank of the Han River is ‘the city’. Otherwise, you also have Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son districts which encompass My Khe and My An Beaches, ‘the beach’.

Both of these districts have plenty to see and do. Thus there is no scarcity in where to find accommodations in these areas.

City Centre / Downtown Da Nang

The most convenient area to find accommodations in Da Nang is at the city center or along the downtown near the Han River or basically at the Cau Rong or known as the Dragon Bridge.

Han River is an ideal place to stroll for its wide sidewalks and scenery. Aside from this expect to see several cafes, restaurants, and street food along the way.

Da Nang houses a mixture of locals and foreigners thus there’s an array of domestic and international cuisine around the city as well as tons of bars and hopping nightspots.

Staying at the heart of the city provides easy access to shopping, local produce and craft markets, temples, and museums. Along with convenient transport in and out of town with Da Nang International Airport and the main bus terminal which is just a few steps away.

However, all of these conveniences have a downside. Being in the city makes you vulnerable to urban annoyances: traffic, noise, and crowds.

Given Da Nang’s relatively small (by international city standards) population, however, and the fact it isn’t concentrated in any one area, they aren’t overwhelming.

These annoyances are still minimal and bearable compared to other big cities in Vietnam.

City Centre/Downtown Da Nang, Vietnam

Beachside / My Khe Beach

On the beachside, the most notable area is at My Khe Beach which conveniently for travelers and locals alike is just a few minutes’ drive from the city center.

The My Khe Beach spans until My An Beach. It has distinguishing characteristics such as a wide, flat stretch of sand with calm seas ideal for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

There are loads of chaise lounges for those wanting to soak up the sun or intent on checking their social media buzz.

If you’re seeking more adventure, make sure to try jet skiing and parasailing during your visit.

Another reason why to find accommodations in Da Nang beaches is for the food. Seafood is at its finest at the beach – served fresh with the most enticing views.

Some of the freshest catches offered are crabs, lobsters, squids, clams, prawns, fish and just about anything else you can think of.

Otherwise, if you’re not a fan or a typical meat-eater, you can still find several food shops that serve these – you just have to walk for a few steps.

The beaches in Da Nang are rapidly expanding with properties and establishments to attract more tourists in the area.

Construction at the beach is widespread. Hotels and shops are quickly filling most open spaces but before they’re done, potholed pavements, construction equipment, and work vehicles are an everyday hassle.

During the peak season, expect to find large crowds at the beach however in My Khe and My An the area is wide enough to comfortably accommodate everyone.

Urban planners did have the foresight to include a multilane road (Vo Nguyen Giap) alongside, in parts, extensive pavements, to facilitate the rush.

The area is a kilometer on either side of Vo Van Kiet, the road which crosses the Dragon Bridge has the greatest concentration of accommodation, shops, and restaurants.

However as the beach is on a narrow peninsula, the positive for travelers is just about any resort, hotel, apartment or hostel is never more than a few blocks from the sand.

Beachside/My Khe Beach, Vietnam

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