Where not to go in Vietnam

Where NOT to go in Vietnam


Know where not to go in Vietnam for a safe and enjoyable travel experience to the land of the ascending dragon!

Oftentimes when traveling, there are several places that must be kept unexplored especially by unfamiliar travellers. Vietnam, being one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Asia is not an exemption.

In this list, expect to read a series of where not to in Vietnam

Pha Luong Peak – Moc Chau

Adventure seeker’s haven – Pha Luong Peak might be the perfect trail for professional trekkers and hikers but it’s a nightmare place to be for typical wanderers.

The Pha Luong Peak is about 40 km from Moc Chau and located in Tan Xuan commune, Chieng Xuan district, in a mountainous area near Vietnam – Laos border to the east of Moc Chau and Son La.

The trail is definitely not for the faint of heart as the peak sits 2,000m above sea level. Its trail is a series of steep roads and dangerous forest paths.

If you are not those who have a strong desire to conquer and do not have enough strength and courage, then a piece of sincere advice for you is not to try.

Death Hole in Da Lat

The name itself connotes a place not to be visited however, if it steers curiosity, here’s some details.

The death hole in Da Lat is around 5km from the center of Da Lat city. It is located in the middle of Prenn Pass, about 300m down the slope from Highway 20 to a small valley and meeting a waterfall named Datanla.

This waterfall falls from a cliff about 20m high into a deep pool, also known as the Death hole – creating a romantic and majestic scene. The upstream of this Datanla stream is Tuyen Lam lake.

The death hole is located in the middle of the immense pine forest in Datanla tourist area with an area of 312 hectares.The death hole is surrounded by hilly and mountainous terrains.

Observing from above, only the leaves of the forest, it is difficult to see what is in the valley. To visit all the cascades in Datanla, you need to walk through the steps built of cement, covered with slippery green moss.

And that is why, this is considered one of the most dangerous tourist destinations of Dalat – basically somewhere NOT to go in Vietnam.

In the past 10 years, many tourists have died in this place.

Thu Duc Stone Lake in HCMC

Referring to the national university village of Ho Chi Minh City, many people immediately think of Stone Lake or Hồ Đá. The famous Stone Lake is known for its impeccable features and cool breeze.

The Stone Lake might be captivating however, it didn’t show up naturally. The lake is an aftermath of quarrying.

After a while, rainwater and groundwater in the rock flow out to form a lake. The Stone Lake area includes four lakes deeper than 60 meters, and the water in the lake is cold year-round. Surrounding the lake are steep jagged rock slopes with craggy paths frequented by many people.

Adrenaline junkies find extreme activities to do around the lake such as jumping from a high cliff to the lake despite the cold water and rocky outcrops hidden under the calm water surface. The water in the lake is always in a standing state due to no flow.

Divers said that the structure of the lake bed is very complicated, the depth changes suddenly, only a few inches away can make a change of a meter depth.

In addition, the lake was formed from rocky mountains, so there are mostly small stones and rocks on the bank. Being just a little careless can lead you to fall in the lake.

Crocodile Lake (Bàu Sấu) Nam Cat Tien

Imagine being in the middle of a vast river with only a canoe to keep you afloat from hundreds of lurking crocodiles, scary right?

Visiting Nam Cat Tien National Park is no longer a strange thing for many people, but how to get to Crocodile Lake is what you need to consider. Travelers need to cross the forest road to admire the panoramic view of this place.

Not only that, you also have to overcome a challenge that requires more courage and “risk” that is to sit on a canoe drifting along the water, while under the water are hundreds of the crocodiles hiding.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you, especially those with a history of heart disease, should not visit this area.

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