What you need to know about the party street - Bui Vien

What you need to know about the party street – Bui Vien


What you need to know about the party street in Vietnam known as Bui Vien. Here are some notes to read before having an adventurous time at the place!

Bui Vien is known to be the party street in Vietnam. This is where most backpackers stay and relax along with other typical tourists.

One notable name in the area is “Pho Tay” (European Street), it is named by the local resident. This place offers exciting activities and dishes at affordable prices. Thus, both locals and foreigners flood this street.

Bui Vien street is the best place to experience nightlife in Ho Chi Minh, grab a few bottles of Saigon beer and just observe the people around.

Most dishes found in this area are typical street foods of Ho Chi Minh.

Another thing to note about Bui Vien is that the best time to visit is at night when the streets are full of life.

Bui Vien becomes more bustling by tourists with different colours of skin, hair and language. The bright lights and lively music emanating from the cafes, bars and pubs along both sides of the street make the guests feel excited.

Strolling through this area at night, you can choose from a number of roadside eats and take a seat for a great time with friends.

Saigon beer is about 20 000 – 30 000 Dong /1 bottle. Foods are about 50 000 – 100 000 Dong/1 dish, it’s listed in most restaurants here.

Prices are affordable, however, you should see the prices on menus before purchasing.

Some other streets were well known as European Street as Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham.

Note that Bui Vien street will block vehicles at the weekend (7:00 pm – 2:00 am), so the area is just for walking thus it is best to visit the place at this time.

During weekends, the area is filled with art activities set right on the streets. Alongside inviting food stalls on its pavements.

Besides the restaurants, there are also bookstores, travel agencies, massage shops, and grocery stores.


What you need to know about the party street – Bui Vien

Keep in mind that Bui Vien street is mostly congested with different individuals from different races and places across the world.

Always be vigilant and keep an eye out for your belongings especially your wallet, cash, and mobile phone.

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