What you need to know about cave exploring in Vietnam

What you need to know about cave exploring in Vietnam


What you need to know about cave exploring in Vietnam – are you actually prepared for what is up ahead this trip?

Vietnam is one of the best destinations in Asia, the country has a solid reputation when it comes to food, beaches, ancient history and diverse landscapes.

And, along with these reputations is caving. There are several destinations in the country such as the world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park or known as the Kingdom of Caves.

You can expect pleasant and enticing weather all year round. On top of the perfect weather are the most stunning rock formations and the beauty of lush wilderness.

“It’s all untouched and pristine – nothing’s been damaged,” said Howard Limbert, the British cave expert who spent almost 3 decades in Vietnam discovering and exploring some of the world’s most prominent caves.

According to him, the British Cave Research Association has explored more than 500 caves in Vietnam. But they’ve still only explored about 30% of this area.

There are many, many more caves to be discovered

When is the best time for cave exploration in Vietnam?

The weather in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a typically pleasant all-year-round however, there are random typhoons and rains. The caves impose low temperatures during winter that can go as low as 6 degrees.

It is mostly advisable to visit the caves from February to August.

Important Tips for cave exploration in Vietnam

Before heading to a cave tour, make sure to wear a warm jacket and comfy sports shoes to battle the cold temperature while trekking.

It is also advisable to bring along slippers, miner helmet and towel in case you plan on more adventurous caves. It can get pretty muddy and dark along the way.

As much as possible, it is highly advised not to bring any valuables into the caves, it could be lost during trekking.

When you are in the cave, please don’t take independent action if you have a cave tour with friends or companions. It will be pretty dangerous, you may get lost or even have life risk in the natural environment.

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