What to Wear to a Wedding in Vietnam?

What to Wear to a Wedding in Vietnam?


What to wear to a wedding in Vietnam? Avoid looking awkward when invited to a formal ceremony in the country!

Weddings are different depending on country, culture and belief. As an expat in Vietnam and have been invited to a wedding, it is most likely that you’ve asked yourself – what to wear to a wedding in Vietnam?

Finding the finest attire for a wedding can be fun and exciting (and well, confusing). Usually, you are invited to a wedding because you’re a close friend, an acquaintance or a family member.

Thus it is always best to show your efforts following the theme or motif of the wedding.

Another good reason to dress well at weddings is that you will have your photos taken with the bride and groom as soon as you arrive at the venue.

You will also get a copy of that photo to take home, so it is always best to look sleek and presentable.

In a Vietnamese wedding, this celebration is a great chance to put in the extra effort when it comes to choosing an outfit. It’s time to dress up nicely!

Ladies can usually put on sophisticated cocktail dresses or formal long dresses. Expect to see some female guests wearing the traditional Ao dai.

On the other hand, men typically wear jeans or khaki pants and shirts – otherwise, they can suit up and look extra handsome for the celebration.

Wedding invitations come with the motif , however, there are still some that don’t. And you’re back with what to wear to a wedding in Vietnam?

Which color should you wear to show your respect to the tradition and the couple?

Here’s a recommendation:

You can wear elegant clothing in any color that you want. If you are still in doubt, it’s better to ask your friends about the wedding theme, so that you can choose the right color to wear.

What not to wear?

In the past, black and white were two colors that you could not wear to a wedding. Even though black is a symbol of elegance in fashion, it was seen as a bad luck sign in Vietnamese belief, we only wore black to attend funerals. And of course, the white dress was also an off-limits item since only the bride should be dressed in white.

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