What to see in My Tho

What to see in My Tho


Excited to know what to see in My Tho? Here’s a list to fill your itinerary during your trip!

My Tho is an underrated destination in Vietnam that deserves more recognition. Being the gateway to Ho Chi Minh, the city has been the biggest commercial center in Southern Vietnam.

What to see in My Tho – Vinh Trang Pagoda

The Vinh Trang Pagoda tops the list of what to see in My Tho. It is the most enticing and one of a kind pagoda in the My Tho Area.

This striking pagoda is a perfect blend of Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese and European design features thus this has captivated the hearts of both locals and tourists.

The pagoda is surrounded by large statues of Buddha and stunning gardens. Donation altars can also be seen just a few steps on Nguyen Trung Truc street.

Vĩnh Tràng pagoda also features three enormous Buddha statues. The standing Buddha represents Amitabha Buddha, who symbolizes ultimate bliss and compassion. The Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and good luck and has become a deity for good fortune around the world. The reclining Buddha represents Gautama Buddha before he enters parinirvana, the death of one who has attained nirvana during his lifetime and has been released from the painful cycle of samsara, or rebirth.

Dong Tam Snake Farm

Dong Tam snake farm is the biggest anti-venom supplier in Vietnam. It is about 6 kms from the heart of My Tho centre and is considered the kingdom of snakes housing 400 kinds of snakes.

You don’t have to be a snake lover to enjoy the farm, seeing the fascinating world of these legless reptiles is worth your time.

The farm is run by the military, the medicinal, breeding and research centre is set-up as a small zoo and open to the public to raise funds and awareness.

Cobras, green trees, snakes and large pythons can be seen up-close as well as a number of monkeys, bears, ostriches and a giant albino turtle.

The enclosures here can be quite crude by western standards but I do believe the animals here to be quite respected and well-cared for.

Thoi Son Island

Known as Con Lan Island or Unicorn Island – Thoi Son Island is administered by the Thoi Son Commune in My Tho City (Tien Giang Province).

It is the largest island in the My Tho River and is part of the Tien River. It features snaking rivers and orchids filled with ripe fruits.

The most notable way to explore the island is through boats, the island has the most beautiful greens and trees.

The ambience is cool and refreshing – something new and rejuvenating especially if you;re an escapee from the urban jungle capital city.

Travellers can enjoy the comfort in lush green gardens, laying in a hammock or sitting on rocking chairs and enjoy the cool breeze and juicy fruits.

Thoi Son Island is also known for its seasonal fruit trees such as longan, rambutan, to durian, and many more.

Another attraction in this island is ancient houses. There are many spacious and cool houses with Southern architectural characteristics.

The front yard of these houses is the place of bonsai pots with various strange and interesting shapes. Houses in this island remain their ancient and untouched beauty.

One of the most popular is Mr. Tam’s house – a typical model of southwestern houses. The house is furnished with ancient styles of pearl-carved altar, delicate tables and couches, along with other antique things.

Aside from its features and design, the house is surrounded by beautiful and strange bonsai.

Apart from discovering specialties as delicious traditional food, facilities of making candy and other products, you have a chance to enjoy sweet melodies of Don Ca Tai Tu – traditional music of Southern Vietnam in particular and of Vietnam in general.

Beautiful vocals with unique melodies of Don Ca Tai Tu will bring a special Vietnamese cultural space to tourists.

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