To see in Hoi An

What to see in Hoi An?


As a vast city of culture and history, what’s to see in Hoi An?

Hoi An is one of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. It is known for its traditional old streets and fascinating colonial infrastructures.


The city of Hoi An used to be the leading trading hub during the 16th and 17th century. It is a town that houses several antique buildings.

The most notable ones are Chinese temples, a Japanese-designed bridge, pagodas, wooden shop-houses, French-colonial houses, and old canals.

The Old Town of Hoi An was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site way back December 1999.

One good thing about visiting this city is that most of its attractions can be explored on foot. Some of the highlights to see in the Old Town are the Japanese covered bridge, the Chinese assembly halls, Guan Yin Temple, the museum of history and culture, and the Tran family home and chapel.

At night, the streets at the Hoi An riverside come to life as the archaic lanterns light up remarkably transforming the street into something magical.

Aside from a short journey to the past, Hoi An also offers several beach destinations for anyone seeking to find a holiday haven with the gang.

The town has more than one inviting activity that draws travelers to visit. With delectable dishes and markets for shopping all sorts of goods and products.

Hoi an Old Town, Vietnam

Japanese Covered Bridge

Considered as one of the most notable attractions in the country. The Japanese covered bridge was built in the 18 century.

It embodies a piece of Japan in the town believed to be constructed by Japanese that used to reside in the town.

The bridge is a means to access the Chinese quarter across the water. It was opened in 1719 by Nguyen Phuc Chu which carved three Chinese emblems. It features several noticeable sculptures such as the two dogs and two monkeys.

These sculptures represent the Chinese years in which most of the Japanese Emperors were born. It has then undergone a renovation in 1986 which restored the arched which was initially leveled for cars.

The bridge stands tall and proud – a remnant of the old Hoi An today. The north part of the bridge is a dedicated temple for the Taoist God of weather, Tran Vo Bac De.

The temple serves as a place for locals to pray for incoming earthquakes.

Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Silk Village

The Silk Village is also one of the best places to see in Hoi An. It is the best place for shopping for extravagant local textiles, handmade lanterns, classic suits, and dresses.

This village is located two kilometers away from the Hoi An ancient town offering a soothing escape as it sits inside the Hoi An Silk Village Resort & Spa – a well-known four-star property in the area. Alongside the resort are several mulberry trees, horticulture farms, and lotus ponds.

The village also offers hands-on lessons on silk manufacturing processes. As of the moment, 12 local artists reside in the village who mastered the art of using wooden looms to weave the silk and transform it into garments, handicrafts, and tapestries.

The products at the Hoi An Silk Village have an over the top quality thus most of their goods are quite expensive but surely worth its price!

Hoi An Silk Village, Vietnam

Hoi An Night Market

Situated at the Nguyen Hoang Street is the Hoi An Night Market. It houses more than 50 Vietnamese vendors offering various products such as snacks, trinkets, clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

The Night Market is one of the most notable places to see in Hoi An at night. It spans 300 meters long overlooking the Thu Bon River brightened by fancy lanterns – a perfect backdrop for a night and street photographers.

Among some of its sold products is Hoi An silk textiles and paper lanterns. It is also a perfect source of souvenirs like t-shirts, keychains, fans, and fridge magnets.

Also found in the stalls of the night market are mouthwatering street food like Banh xeo and banh mi. For a whole new level of gastronomic experience, the market has plenty of restaurants, pubs, and bars too.

Hoi An Night Market, Vietnam

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