Vietnam Travel Guide- Best Time to Visit Cat Ba

Vietnam Travel Guide- Best Time to Visit Cat Ba


Best time to visit Cat Ba – Cat Ba is known to be the largest island found in Halong Bay with breathtaking scenes to offer any travellers

The largest island in Halong Bay is home to various hotels, restaurants, and bars. Almost every tour company in Hanoi offers daily trips to the island, attracting travelers looking to enjoy a day of sightseeing during their holiday.

Cat Ba Port Sunset in Vietnam

In general, the best time to visit Cat Ba is between April and November. These months fall to summer and autumn which are considered the best seasons to travel and explore the place.

Cat Ba Island in Vietnam

However, note that this period is also the peak tourist season in Ha Long Bay. To make up for the demand, various boats, cruises and hotels are available this season. And during this season, tourists have so many different options for boats, cruises, and hotels.

Cat Ba Harbor in Vietnam

One of the best activities in Cat Ba is cruising along the Lan Ha Bay – the highlight of the island. For most tourists, overnight cruises in Cat Ba Island are the best way to discover the mainland and the bay.

Cat Ba Island cruises, while not as diverse as those in Ha Long Bay, still offer enough comfort for your accommodation.

Cat Ba Floating Village in Vietnam

If you are planning to go to Cat Ba during its peak season, it is always important to book your services, especially accommodation and transportation in advance.

The price will rise quite a lot during this time. So make sure you are well prepared for the trip without having to pay any surcharge or unnecessary fee.

And if you want to escape from the crowd and visit Cat Ba Island during its low season, the period between September and November is an ideal choice.

However, the weather then gets affected by the monsoon. Some cruises in Lan Ha Bay are canceled due to the bad weather, which includes heavy rains and typhoons.

Still, if you follow the weather forecast, visiting Cat Ba Island during the low season is then also a good deal.

Cat Ba Bay in Vietnam

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