Vietnam Speeding Up Restoration of Regular Flight Routes

Vietnam Speeding Up Restoration of Regular Flight Routes


Vietnam speeding up restoration of regular flight routes in preparation to the upcoming Lunar New Year Holiday

The Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has requested to speed up the restoration of regular flight routes while effectively battling COVID-19 and recuperating its economy.

The Government Office has issued an official document addressing ministries and local authorities on the execution of repatriation flights around the first quarter of this year.

Assigning the Ministry of Transport to research on its feasibility.

In the recent advancement of the new COVID-19 the Prime Minister has requested for reduced flight entry to Vietnam in connection with the upcoming Lunar New Year.

However, if the need arises, inbound flights will be allowed but will be approved by the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Health are assigned with the necessary preparations for the quarantine procedures and options for incoming Vietnamese.

The quarantine duration and process will be thorough and with strict compliance.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the local authorities to enhance quarantine facility checks even those that are administered by the military.

Any entrants subject to shortened quarantine period will be mandated to undergo the 14-day isolation on designated facilities, however, there are exceptions specified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Based on the recent guideline, business people traveling to the country as well as experts can leave the centralized facilities after 5 days. However, they still need to undergo self-isolation within their homes or workplace.

Any person who has completed the quarantine period from centralized zones must be strictly monitored otherwise, any violators will adhere to severe punishments by the government.

Aside from this, the Prime Minister urged the monitoring of migrants at the land and sea borders of the country.

The government will consider providing financial assistance to unfortunate Vietnamese returning to the country through land routes and admits at centralized facilities.

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