Are Piercings Acceptable in the Country?

Vietnam Culture: Are Piercings Acceptable in the Country?


Are piercings acceptable in the country? Piercing is pretty much common in most western countries and is acceptable, although piercing is a long-standing practice of the ancient Vietnamese.

But gradually with the development of society, no one knows since piercing is considered a symbol of imitation and corruption.

Surely, most parents will feel really uncomfortable if they see their children wearing such scary and painful piercings on their bodies.

When somebody comes out from a piercing shop, one would have to endure the unwelcoming look from random people across the streets.

Parents think that body piercing is extremely dangerous and painful, which is seen as a bad practice of millennials and can be a source of gossip amongst people around.

In Vietnam, there are still many people who believe that tattooing and piercing are only for gangsters and gamblers.

A sprinkle of Vietnam culture then – the earliest permanent inking dates back to the 14th century, fishermen used to tattoo their bodies to represent the eyes and scales of a sea monster in order to remain safe while they were out at sea.

During the 19th century when France invaded the country, tattoos acquired a bad reputation: colonists inked codes on prisoners for identification, marking them out as lawbreakers.

During the Japanese occupation in the country in the late 1940s, Irezumi tattoos were common in prison populations.

Tattoos evolved from having a bad reputation into a work of art albeit they still signified someone who had broken the law, and intricate designs were seen amongst sex workers and gang members.

Today, due to social media platforms and especially celebrities, having tattoos or piercings has gradually become familiar and less stigma than before. However, the acceptance level of such beauty icons is still very low.

There are several tattoo and piercing shops across the country, try to see if you have one within your locality that is safe and known with recommendations.

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