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Vietnam COVID-19 Updates: What US Citizens Need to Know


Covid19 has made a huge impact all throughout the world. Lives have been lost, restrictions and additional rules have been implemented and one industry that has been directly affected is the tourism industry.
If you are from the US and/or a US citizen and planning to fly to Vietnam for a trip, here are some important Covid-19 updates straight from the US Embassy in Vietnam.

Specific Vietnam Insider Updates:

  • Most COVID-19 patients in Vietnam have recovered and were released from the hospital. Fewer than 50 cases are currently being isolated for treatment.  Vietnam has not had any new community transmission cases since September 2, 2020; all recent confirmed cases involve people who arrived in Vietnam with COVID-19 and, like all arrivals, were sent directly to quarantine.  For more details, see the Vietnamese Ministry of Health website here.
  • Any individuals experiencing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus — fever, cough and difficulty breathing — or those concerned they may have been exposed to the virus should call Vietnam’s health hotline right away: 19009095 (Press 1 for English).
  • Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security and local authorities are conducting comprehensive inspections to locate undocumented individuals throughout Vietnam. U.S. citizens should make sure their landlord or accommodation provider has registered their information with the local authority to avoid any inconvenience.

Entry and Exit Requirement:

US citizens are NOT permitted to enter Vietnam. 

Generally, as of 29 September the Vietnamese government has continued to suspend entry to Vietnam for all foreigners including the ones with Vietnamese visa exemption certificates. The limitation of the policy is only for diplomatic, official duty and special cases which include experts, business managers, foreign investors, and high-tech workers that have projects involving the government of Vietnam. 

*Note that family reunification is also NOT part of the exemptions.

Although Vietnam has recently resumed commercial air routes to Guangzhou (China), Taiwan (China), Seoul (the Republic of Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Vientiane (Laos), only Vietnamese nationals and individuals in the aforementioned exempted categories and their family members may enter Vietnam.  Individuals in these categories will have to present a certificate of negative COVID-19 RT-PCR testing report issued within the three days prior to departure.  A follow-up RT-PCR test will also be conducted upon landing. 

*For U.S citizens who have further inquiries about the entry and exit requirement to Vietnam, you may directly contact your employer or sponsoring organization.

It is an important requirement to have a ‘negative’ COVID-19 test prior to entry to the country. The government of Vietnam has placed health screening procedures at the airport and other means of entry. 

Currently, Vietnam provides automatic extension of temporary stay through September 30 for foreigners who entered the country on or after March 1, 2020 and intends to depart on September 30. The US Embassy in Hanoi and Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City can assist in issuing exit letters to support U.S citizens who entered Vietnam prior to March 1, 2020. 

*Please note, however, that the Embassy and Consulate can in no way sponsor U.S. citizens during their stay in Vietnam and cannot  issue visa extension letters for U.S. citizens who wish to extend their stay in Vietnam.

As of September 1, all travelers entering Vietnam need to pay for all testing and quarantine costs. 


There are no curfew or any restrictions on intercity travel all throughout Vietnam. Several instances have been reported by U.S citizens that they have screened along intercity roadways and were required to undergo COVID-19 testing based on their temperature. The U.S Embassy encourages caution before even deciding to go on a trip to nearby cities. U.S citizens must complete an online health declaration before any intercity travel.

Quarantine – What you need to know:

U.S citizens are subject to abide on any Vietnamese local laws and regulation while in Vietnam. The U.S Embassy and Consulate has no way of bypassing these laws nor meddle in the quarantine rules and may not issue any documentation to waive the Vietnamese government’s request of quarantine requirements. 

Transportation Options in Vietnam:

Commercial flights are still available and U.S citizens are advised to book as soon as possible. The U.S Embassy in Hanoi and Consulate General of Ho Chi Minh City does not have any plans on arranging charter flights back to the United States. 

Public transportation is currently operating all throughout Vietnam and everyone is advised to wear their face masks and observe social distancing while on any public transportation. 

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