Unique Places to Visit in Vietnam

Unique Places to Visit in Vietnam


Here are some unique places to visit in Vietnam that every traveller must NEVER miss! Are you headed to the country in 2021?

Vietnam not only offers staggering buildings, food and fascinating architectural structures, but the country also has several off the beaten track destinations and so as unique places to visit for your next adventure in the land of the ascending dragon!

Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng)

PICTURES OF THE FANTASTIC GOLDEN Bridge outside of Da Nang went viral as soon as they appeared online. This unique structure, backdropped by beautiful scenery, makes for a stunning sight as if it was plucked from a fantasy world. It is one of the most Instagrammable sites in the country and thus tops these unique places to visit in Vietnam list!

Building the structure took a certain allocation from a $2 billion investment. It features a unique structure with giant grey hands holding the bridge.

Contrary to the elegance of the bridge, moss hands make up the old, nostalgic atmosphere. The yellow color of this bridge is more prominent and distinctive between the forest and the giant hands.

Accordingly, the scene is based on the hands of the God of Mountain which is supporting the villages to reach the Thien Thai garden.

Building the footbridge was an engineering challenge in order to not damage the cliff below and make the structure blend in with the forest around it. The hands are supported by frames modeled after anatomical structures and covered with decorative fiberglass. The position of each finger was carefully chosen to invoke the desired effect.

The Golden Bridge creates a stone carving illusion however, according to Boredpanda the skeleton hands were molded by the designers and covered with steel mesh, then finished with fine fiberglass and decorated. The entire construction of the bridge takes about a year.

The bridge has become the most prominent tourist destination in Ba Na Hills. It is also popular which attracts many visitors.

This place has been a trending destination that it has been a primordial inclusion to most Danang tours.

Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers were planted along the pathway on the bridge, creating a focal point of color, attracting the eyes of visitors. These flowers add to the intricate detail of the bridge – bringing a poetic scene, just a romantic and a bit nostalgic overview.

Co Thach Beach (Biển Cổ Thạch)

Nestled about 300 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Co Thach is located in Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province.

The place has not only garnered the eyes of visitors for its spiritual tourist area with the ancient Hang Pagoda but also famous for the Co Thach beach with wild nature with beautiful seven-color stone beach.

Stretching on a part of the beach of Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district. Co Thach Beach is a rock and sand complex with rocky beaches of many small, round, flat and colorful stones.

This feature is the main reason why the locals intriguingly refer to it as seven-color stone. Seven-color beach is the most attractive point of Co Thach and is one of the unique landscape photos of Vietnam.

The Co Thach Beach is best for anyone seeking a tranquil place to rejuvenate – somewhere away from the noise and pollution of the main city.

Expect to be amazed by a stretch of rocky beach with thousands of pebbles that come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Aside from its unusual yet interesting rock formations, the Co Thach Beach is also famous for its elephants curling at a fountain.

Travelling to the Co Thach beach after the Lunar New Year allows you to join the “moss hunting season”. The beach is literally covered with green moss and photographers rush in to have a shot of the perfect large rocks draped in green moss which gradually turns to yellow as the sun illuminates it from above.

Note that mosses only appear when the tide has calmed so timing is of a great essence the capture the best shot during this season.

Power tip: Head to the beach during sunset or prior to sunrise. This is when the Binh Thuan beach has the most rocks.

Dong Van Karst Plateau (Cao nguyên đá Đồng Văn)

Situated around 300 km from the heart of Hanoi is the captivating Dong Van Karst Plateau. It is one of the most notable places to see when dropping by Ha Giang.

The Dong Van stone plateau features a superb grey paradise in the center of the region and has been recognized as a geological park by the Global Geopark Network (GGN) Advisory Board of UNESCO as Global Geopark since 2010. This is the first in the country and second in Southeast Asia.

Dong Van Plateau is one of the special limestone areas that shows the historical development of the Earth’s crust. It is considered natural phenomena and creates the most iconic landscapes in Vietnam.

It is at its best during spring time as the mountains and hills are covered in bright yellow flowers. Its roofs are covered in moss with a sprinkle of peach petals and pure white plum blossoms.

One of the four most enchanting passes around the plateau is the Ma Pi Leng pass. It offers a sweeping view of the Nho Que River and terraced fields.

Traveling to Dong Van karst plateau is a great holiday in Ha Giang to escape the bustling city life. Where visitors can have the best experience of nature & culture.

Phu Yen Cliff of Stone Plates (Ghềnh đá đĩa Phú Yên)

More than 40 km south of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province, the Cliff of Stone Plates looks, from a far distance, like a huge beehive which is about 50 meters in width, 200 meters in length.

The cliff is structured with a set of prismatic stone pillars placed adjacently. The vertical pillars and inclined ones standing in close position adjoining to the sea resemble big plates that are supernaturally placed.

The cliff is the result of ancient volcanic eruptions when the molten basalt flows hardened and formed these spectacular polygonal pillars. In 1998, the Cliff of Stone Plates was recognized as a national landscape.

Phu Yen Cliff of Stone Plates is about 30 km from Tuy Hòa (the major city of Phú Yên Province). Visitors can expect to see a wonderful scenery where the Cliff of Stone Plates shows off its alluring characteristics to the sea and the blue sky.

The Cliff has also been known as the place where “the singing stones” were born.

Watching the Cliff of Stone Plates with slate color lying silently next to the rushing sea waves, visitors will find themselves getting lost in a giant Lego construction that nature has given Tuy An.

Accordingly, this place was a giant volcanic belt which constantly erupted. When the lava flowed from the volcanic area to the sea, it was suddenly frozen by the cold water of the sea and formed the burning stone pillars with hexagonal and circular shapes.

These burning stone pillars then became the stone pillars with slate color. They overlapped and formed the Cliff of Stone Plates like what visitors can see now.

The Cliff of Stone Plates has a beautiful curve shape that has become the inspiration for many professional photographers.

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