Unique Places to Stay in Vietnam

Unique places to stay in Vietnam – a list of unexpected yet fascinating accommodations for your trip!

Unique places to stay in Vietnam – a list of unexpected yet fascinating accommodations for your trip by ExpatVN


The Arabian Nights

One of the unique places to stay in Vietnam is based on The Arabian Nights. It is about the great journey to our utmost childish splendid dreams through a magnificent collection of ancient tales.

And for at least one time in our lives, we dreamt of living in those breath-taking castles, riding on the magic rug, or just simply meeting the beautiful princess.

Situated at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, 30, 7 Street (at 5A), Trung Son Residential Area the One Thousand and One night Hotel.

The hotel offers styled rooms inspired by the story. The most notable room is 304 with Bird’s NestRoom with a bed lying inside a giant iron bird’s cage under the space of thousands of stars shimmering, the sound sleep without nightmare is guaranteed.

Arabian Nights in Vietnam

Coco Beach Camp

Next on the list of unique places to stay in Vietnam is the Coco Beach Camp. It is known as a luxury camp located on the beautiful beach of Lagi Town – Binh Thuan Province.

It is around 160 km from Saigon and will take a 3 hours drive. It is most notable for its colorful rows of tents stretching on its beach, originally from abroad.

You can rent one for your own privacy or a bigger one for all of your family. And then all is done, a “one of the kind” night on the beach, under a mosquito net, hearing the waves gently plodding resounding from the beach, is all for you.

A nights stay at Coco Beach is as affordable as $7 without any surcharge and food from the outside is allowed.

Coco Beach Camp in Vietnam

Dambri Waterfall resort

100 km from Dalat city and 200km from Ho Chi Minh – the Dambri Waterfall resort is nestled behind the hills of tea, strawberry, mulberries, and green coffee.

It is known for the 60m high waterfall with full gushing water day and night. Any guest staying at the resort is on for a spectacular view.

Be one with nature as the resort offers accommodation and camping sites deep inside the forest.

Imagine laying down on the clean mattress, looking out at the green forest under the starry night sky, in the slight whispering of the wind that slowly takes you to the deep sleep and the bright light with birds’ singing resounding from the trees wake you up the other day – how relaxing and peaceful it can be?

Dambri Waterfall Resort in Vietnam

The Circle Vietnam Hostel (Da Lat)

A fresh hotel built in Dalat that allows guests to sleep in a tube for only 200.000VND per person. It is known for its noticeable pipe-shaped rooms which is something unique that you can get in Vietnam.

It is located on a small hill that covers 400sqm of the area with 10 unique pipe-shaped ‘rooms’ designed with a panoramic view of Da Lat City and different colors.

Each pipe-shape room is 2m in diameter, 2,5m long with a wooden cover inside. Each room also has a bed of 1,7 x 2-meter and other standard facilities.

Circle Vietnam Hostel, Vietnam

Coto Eco Logde (Coto Island)

Known as the tent duck hotel, the Coto Eco Lodge offers a unique vacation in a secluded space. It boasts 18 bungalows in Hong Van Beach overlooking https://www.expatvn.com/best-time-to-travel-to-halong/Halong Bay.

It is equipped with a beachfront restaurant, beach and tours in Coto Island.

The bungalows are built using environmentally friendly materials such as wood, palm branches, and an outside look like the tent of a duck.

Although, there is no wifi, no air-conditioner, no TV, no refrigerator and no other high-tech devices in each bungalow the price is not cheap from 800.000VND to 1.400.000VND per bungalow per night.

Coto Eco Lodge (Coto Island), Vietnam

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