Trekking Destinations in Vietnam

Trekking Destinations in Vietnam


Trekking Destinations in Vietnam allows you to indulge more of the natural beauty of the country.

Vietnam is more than just a country. It embodies all the characteristics of a must-see destination with breathtaking views, infectious bubbly people, rich in history, culture as well as religion.

The country does not have any scarcity of things to offer anyone – certainly no shortage of trekking destinations for anyone seeking a trail to walk on. Know the best trekking destinations in Vietnam as you read below!


Sapa is known for its iconic mountain trails thus it is considered the best trekking destination in Vietnam. It houses the most beautiful peak in Vietnam and the Indo-China peninsula known to be Mt. Fansipan.

This is alongside many other mountains that interconnect and overlap with each other thus creating an opportunity for anyone to create a trail depending on your expertise.

These trails also allow you to immerse in the local communities as you go about trekking. Sapa has three major trekking routes; the easy route is a two-day trek that takes you through Muong Hoa Valley and Giang Ta Chai.

The medium route includes the Cat Ca village and a longer route to Muong Hoa Valley. Expert trekkers can take the route leading to the peak of the Fansipan mountain which is the hardest trail in Sapa.

Sapa, Vietnam

Ha Giang

Second, on the list of trekking destinations in Vietnam is Ha Giang. The place offers several strenuous trekking trails with a series of ridges, valleys, and overlapping mountains.

Its highlight is the ascent to the highest peak of Dong Van. It may not be going to be an easy trail but its summit offers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The trail continues from Dong Van to Meo Vac and then to Ma Pi Leng Pass and finishes with a descent into a beautiful deep valley with rocky mountains.

There is also a stopover at Hmong Palace, a Chinese Style mansion built by traders for the French Colonial Rulers.

Ha Giang, Vietnam

Lang Biang Mountain – Da Lat

Considered the tallest mountain in Da Lat, Lang Biang mountain is a prime location for trekking. Aside from its trails, the mountain also offers rock climbing, camping, and rappelling making it one of the perfect destinations for outdoor activities.

The mountain’s summit also offers sweeping views of both the golden and silver river streams as well as plains and other mountains surrounding the area.

Unlike the first two on this list, the ascent to the Lang Biang mountains is pretty much a relaxing climb with a less challenging trails.

Lang Biang Mountain - Da Lat, Vietnam

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

The Pu Luong nature reserve is composed of two parallel hills and a deep valley which makes it a picturesque trekking destination in Vietnam.

Expect to see striking rice terraces and limestone mountains as the trails lead through these sceneries.

One of the unique parts of this trekking trail is that the mountains are best explored at night, as the moonlight lends an ethereal glow to the surroundings.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Vietnam

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