Travel Apps Around Vietnam

Travel Apps Around Vietnam


Travel apps around Vietnam make your experience at ease and skip the hassles!

Vietnam is a vast country that has several travel destinations to offer any wandering souls. And thanks to travel apps available in the country, it helps to smooth up the journey!


Klook is one of the travel apps around Vietnam that is also widely used by other countries. The app features organizing capabilities as well as contains information on your chosen destination.

It also offers tours with discounts for activities and attractions. The best part is, it can help you skip any long queue on ticket booths too.

Plus, the Klook community is mostly active and leaves helpful tips and reviews for any of the apps services across servicing countries.

Klook in Vietnam

One essential travel app to have in Vietnam is It goes at par with the Google Maps features and is functional even when offline.

Download any maps from other users with significant locations and details on less travelled roads.

The app also features a GPS and shows more roads than Google Maps as the community updates the map regularly with notable hiking trails and paved roads too. in Vietnam


TripAdvisor is not new to essential travel apps to have for your trip. It offers suggested restaurants, activities, booking tours, must-see attractions, activities, and highly rated accommodations.

Its reviews with attached photos and videos are extremely helpful for other travellers to know what to expect and other tips.

TripAdvisor in Vietnam


The Skyscanner app is mostly useful for checking out affordable flights. And although there are also other notable flight booking apps, this is mostly used in Vietnam as it is reliable and accurate.

The app allows its users to plan and budget for a trip and find the best flight option for you.

Skyscanner in Vietnam

Cốc Cốc Map

Cốc Cốc Map is another alternative to Google Maps with a user-friendly interface. The app allows its user to find distinct cafes, AMTs, and petrol stations that are surely essential to anyone traveling.

You only need to add your location and choose a category that you need!

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