Transportation Apps in Vietnam

Transportation Apps in Vietnam


Transportation apps in Vietnam are unarguably essential especially for convenient travelling around the country.

There are several transportation apps in Vietnam that are available to download on both android and ios devices. It is one of the best options to explore the country skipping the hustles of hailing a cab or being scammed by random drivers along the street.


The most popular among the transportation apps in Vietnam is Grab. With its user-friendly interface, you just have to add your pin pick up location, drop off location, and add your preferred vehicle.

One good feature that Grab offers in Vietnam is the option for “Grab Bikes”. This allows the user to easily go through congested streets. Paying your ride is also convenient with their payment options such as cash, card or your very own virtual wallet.

The app also features a map that can guide you to your destination. Most expats find the Grab Bike a life saver, especially for solo travellers.

Transportation Apps in Vietnam - Grab

Mai Linh Taxi

There are several taxi options in the country however, not all of the taxis you see are trustworthy. Generally, people in Vietnam are friendly and inviting people. But make sure not to just randomly hop in on some taxis as there’s a chance you’d be ripped off. One off the most trusted taxi companies in Vietnam is Mai Linh.

This is the second best transportation app in Vietnam should you be stuck in a queue waiting for a grab.

The app allows you to choose your preferred vehicle and connects you directly to a driver. Although the app offers English in its feature, note that striking a conversation with your driver might not be a smooth attempt as there is a huge language barrier. Basically, not everyone in Vietnam can understand nor communicate in English.

Nonetheless, you’d still be able to safely reach your destination through this app!

Transportation Apps in Vietnam - Mai Linh Taxi


Quick fun fact: Ho Chi Minh is packed with more than 100 official bus lines that pass by around 2,000 places within the city.

Imagine the confusion going through all of these bus lines where in fact, all you’re aiming for is to reach a certain destination.

An easy solution is BusMap, this app allows you to navigate your trip through available public buses around the city.

It can provide an estimated time of arrival from your pick up point to your designated destination. One fascinating feature is that the app can suggest which bus number can take you faster to your destination.

Unfortunately, the BusMap is still available and widely used in Ho Chi Minh but will gradually expand as it goes. The bus fare ranges from 5,000 – 7,000 VND, an affordable transportation alternative whilst traveling around the city.

Transportation Apps in Vietnam - BusMap


The AhaMove is the best alternative for transporting big or small furniture when moving out. It is mostly preferred by plenty of expats in Vietnam.

Instead of finding a taxi or renting a car, AhaMove can help you out with several moving needs. To arrange a moving request, make sure to book in advance and leave any necessary note that you need during the moving day.

Transportation Apps in Vietnam - AhaMove

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