Tourism is ready to re-open

Tourism is ready to re-open anytime soon in Vietnam. Domestic travel companies are anticipating foreign travelers to aid the industry’s revenue.


The domestic travel companies in Vietnam are looking forward to when the tourism is ready to re-open.

Experts say this huge leap towards this industry requires thorough preparations by the country’s Government, ministries, agencies, and travel companies.

According to a letter from the Secretary-General of the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) to the Government, the board strongly supports the Government’s policy of not trading public health for economic benefit.

The Board also proposed solutions to ensure the safe resumption of tourism in the country – especially the re-opening of the international arrivals. The Secretary General mentioned one of the solutions is to establish a working group that brings together experts from different fields like health care, public security, national defense, diplomacy, culture, sports, and tourism.

Chinh also said, these experts will then create a pandemic safety criteria and make a list of countries that can abide by the safety standards.

He stressed on having all international visitors to the country must have vaccine passports and vaccination certificates as well as the PCR testing before and upon arrival.

The goal is to somehow shorten the number of quarantine periods and at the same time maintain the prevention and control of the COVID-19 situation.

He also suggested that the Government should adopt policies on compulsory travel health insurance that covers COVID-19 for incoming visitors of Vietnam and likewise to the Vietnamese citizens who want to travel abroad.

Aside from this, he also points out that tourism workers need to be included on the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccination.

The TAB representative also proposed the Government consider a commercial vaccination program for organizations and businesses that are able to provide shots for their staff, along with drawing up tourism promotions at key destinations.

Vietnam Travel Update: Ready to Re-open

As an effort to somehow alleviate the tourism industry, the capital city – Hanoi has been rolling out multiple activities for domestic tourism such as market and stands in preparation for foreign tourists should the country be ready to re-open soon.

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