Top Three Beaches in Vietnam

Top Three Beaches in Vietnam


Top three beaches in Vietnam that you should never miss! Read on and prepare your swimmers, are you ready for a refreshing swim?

Phu Quoc

First on the list of top three beaches in Vietnam is found nestled in the Gulf of Thailand a stone’s throw from Cambodia, Phu Quoc.

It is considered the country’s largest and westernmost island. While over half of the teardrop-shaped island comprises Phu Quoc National Park, a dense tropical jungle draped around scenic mountains, its many beaches remain the main attraction.

Most notable of these is Khem Beach (or “Cream Beach”), recognized as one of the world’s best beaches, and Sao Beach, both sitting on the southern end of the island and offering palm trees, white sand, and stunning views.

If you’re hunting for affordable accommodations and a tourist-heavy atmosphere, head to North Long Beach, which can be accessed from the majority of the island’s hotels.

In recent years, Phu Quoc has been increasingly threatened by over-tourism and development, so plan a visit soon to enjoy its natural beauty.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Ly Son

A little off the central coast of Vietnam, the lesser-known Ly Son Island lands on the second spot of our top three beaches in Vietnam.

The island is known for its cluster of volcanic craters that are not yet well-known among tourists. There aren’t as many palm trees and beach resorts on the two main islands, known as Dao Lon and Dao Be; instead, find many fascinating geological formations as well as over 50 temples and shrines and world-famous garlic and seafood.

Much of the Dao Lon is taken up by the garlic farms, which can be smelled from miles away, but the acclaimed To Vo arch (pictured above) opens up to clear blue waters and fossil reefs.

If you’ve got time, take a 15-minute ferry to the tiny Dao Be, also known as An Binh, where you can swim off the shores and enjoy the underwater views of seaweed fields and colorful reefs.

Ly Son, Vietnam

Nha Trang

And the last to complete this list is found in the south-central city that has long boasted some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, though tourism and development have made quite a dent in its landscape in recent years.

And yet despite the ongoing development, there are still a number of pristine, well-kept beaches and islands that are worth a visit if you find yourself in the area. The pristine beach is vibrant with activity and scenery.

There are parks and gardens along with the coastal areas, so you can alternate beach walks with midday excursions to enjoy some of the local flora and fauna.

At the city’s main beach, called Nha Trang Beach or City Beach, you’ll find that iconic view of the bay, along with a decently-sized crowd during peak hours.

For more secluded options, check out the beaches on the nearby cluster of islands, including Hon Lon and Hon Tre, which is home to the gaudy but popular resort Vinpearl.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

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