Top Markets in Da Nang

Top Markets in Da Nang


Shop until you drop as you go along the list of top markets in Da Nang – a city filled with stunning views, notable attractions, and shopping!

1. Han Market

The first of the well-known top markets in Da Nang is the Han Market. It has been around for so many years and considered the oldest in the city.

The Han Market started simple with a unclear aesthetics built along the notable Han river and later on becoming a concession of France.

It has undergone several developments which aims to be the main trading center in the central region.

The Han Market is also known as the “Market of the Bourgeois” as most shoppers belong to the upper class. However, it has now welcomed everyone to eat, shop, and generally enjoy.

It is mostly visited by tourists nowadays thus some of its products cost higher than other markets in the city. But still, the activity level in this market is always at its peak.

Most notable goods found in this market are meat, seafood, fruits, local and traditional mắm like fermented fish/shrimp.

There are also several stalls that sell distinct souvenirs as well as a multitude of fabric collections, clothes and shoes.

To ensure the safety of the shoppers, Han Market features CCTV cameras all around its vicinity creating peace of mind for anyone visiting the place.

Han Market in Da Nang, Vietnam

2. Con Market

The second of the top markets in Dan Nang is Con Market. Initially built on a sandy area surrounded by reeds where its name was derived.

The market was named Da Nang Trade Center after 1975 and was then reverted back to its initial name soon after the Da Nang Trade Center was no longer appropriate.

Con Market is located at the heart of Da Nang nestled in between the two oldest and busiest streets of Ong Ich Khiem and Hung Vuong.

The market stretches three-storey high with two two-storey blocks and 6 sub houses in the middle.

Luxury products can be found on the ground floor however, most tourists go straight to the food and dried delicacy section for souvenirs to bring home.

Aside from being a notable shopping center, Con Market is also considered a food haven which also offers authentic Da Nang dishes.

Con Market in Da Nang, Vietnam

3. Bac My An Market

Bắc Mỹ An market is also considered one of the gastronomic hubs in Da Nang. The market is close to the Danang’s University of Economics.

Since its regulars are usually students, the prices of the products sold here are cheaper compared to other markets in the city. Like a scoop of avocado ice cream is sold for a dollar or even less!

It used to be a small local market in the area but underwent development when residential areas, resorts, and a university were established nearby.

The Bắc Mỹ An market sells a variety of products such as fabrics, dried foods, livestocks, spices, veggies, and many more.

The market’s center of the crowd is its food section. It is usually flooded with both locals and tourists in search of a gastronomic treat.

One of the most popular dishes in the food section is the bún mắm and bún thịt nướng that is packed with flavors and yet sold for one and a half dollar.

Bac My An Market in Da Nang, Vietnam

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