Top Expat Jobs in Hanoi

Top Expat Jobs in Hanoi – Vietnam


There are several top expat jobs in Hanoi that tourists can apply for. However, which one suits you best?

Foreign Language Instructor

The most popular and thus take the first spot on the top expat jobs in Hanoi list. Locals are highly appreciative of education as it is believed to pave the way out of poverty, especially for middle class families.

Education on the upper class households is a mandated requirement to be able to inherit and manage family businesses. The country is looking to pivot global competitiveness and preparedness thus foreign languages such as English and several key languages have increased demand.

Learning foreign languages enables locals to seek higher-paying jobs. This catapulted to having several foreign language centers being established around the city.

The salary depends on a teacher’s qualification and experience. On an average, a teacher can earn from $15 to $100 per hour.

Some foreigners even establish their own language centers and for some, they allow home classes. This gives them more liberty on the curriculum, earning them higher pay.

In some instances, even backpackers teach English or other notable languages like Japanese, Chinese, German, and Spanish as a side hustle.

Expat Jobs in Hanoi - Foreign Language Instructor

Real Estate Broker

One of the most trending jobs around Vietnam is Real Estate Broker. The country’s property price has been increasing over the past years and is continuing to undergo major developments.

The more a property is near the capital the higher the price. Securing property in the Old Quarter is more expensive than in Tokyo or even Paris.

It is currently priced at $20,000-$60,000 per square meter. Meanwhile in other cities and provinces where, both foreign and state-sponsored investment have soared. One example is at the Phu Quoc Island wherein the Kien Giang provincial government financed the construction of multiple million dollar hotels and resorts as well as several infrastructure which caused an influx of land pricing.

Real Estate is just a booming industry and with the right knowledge and relationships, any expat can surely thrive in this arena.

Expat Jobs in Hanoi - Real Estate Broker

Lodging and Food Providers

Vietnam freely allows foreigners to establish their own restaurants. In the recent report, 639 FDI projects registered approximately $12 billion in the accommodation and food sector in the country.

This type of venture is not only one of the top expat jobs in Hanoi but within the whole country. The locals are also fond of foreign culinary dishes that most international brands have invested in the country and are now reeking what they have invested.

Some foreigners established their own food shop in Vietnam which is well-received both by fellow foreigners and the locals who seek to taste delectable international dishes.

Several expats have been successful in incorporating international dishes with Vietnam’s authentic culinary masterpieces upgrading a basic meal into a whole new level!

These meals have caught the tastebuds of the locals and are also fancied by foreigners.

Expat Jobs in Hanoi - Lodging and Food Providers

Market Researcher/Analyst

Huge corporations invest in knowing their market and niche to make sure they create a brand or service that will surely stir the masses.

With this, most companies and investors seek the help of market researchers or anyone who can analyze the behavior of potential clients and customers.

Its duties include research and collecting primary or secondary data, meeting and liaising with clients and business partners, surveying, analyzing business data and legal environment, writing reports and presenting results, and developing business plans and proposals.

Most of these market researchers and analysts are usually offered a higher salary with big chances of promotion and career growth.

Expat Jobs in Hanoi - Market Researcher/Analyst

Online Writer/Content Maker

Based on Internet World Stats there are approximately 64 million Vietnamese that has access to the Internet.

The country’s internet connection may not be that fast however, it is affordable and reliable. The growth of digital connection in the country pivoted the need of digital marketing and content writing.

Expats see this as a great opportunity as means of income while staying in Vietnam. Most of these expats work as content writers and build their own websites to house their own blogs and vlogs.

Some expats work with local media outlets for news articles or publish a book in English or Vietnamese.

Expat Jobs in Hanoi - Online Writer/Content Maker

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