Things to Know Before Going to Vietnam

Things to Know Before Going to Vietnam


Things to know before going to Vietnam – are you excited to visit the country when it is safe to travel? Here’re the important things you need to know!

Learn a Little Bit of Vietnamese

Things to know before going to Vietnam:

The Vietnamese language can be challenging to learn however, learning a few lines can surely help you during your trip.

Trying to learn the language even crookedly can be appreciated by the locals especially when you’re trying to navigate yourself to your destinations. 

The Vietnamese are usually happy to help you out and the effort made can reward you with a new friend.


IT IS OKAY TO BARGAIN IN VIETNAM. One of the handy things to know before going to Viet is that negotiating is not rude but expected.

Try to negotiate for your desired price or risk paying well over the actual price of an item. Try ‘walking away’ to get a better price. 

If that doesn’t work, you can always go back to the vendor later.

Be a Sensitive Photographer

Before snapping a shot in Vietnam, make sure to be sensitive. Not everyone is okay to have their faces randomly showing on somebody’s photo. 

Get permission before taking anyone’s photograph. Most people in Vietnam love having their picture taken and will ask to have one with you, but it’s always nice to ask. 

Note that places like Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum or military buildings where taking photos is prohibited.

If you have children don’t be surprised if people ask to take pictures with the kids. Children, especially those that look different from the local population, can be treated like superstars with the paparazzi to match.

Don’t Trust the Taxi Meter

One of the most important things to know before going to Vietnam is don’t trust the taxi meter. There are some taxi drivers whose aim is to rip you off. 

Most taxi drivers are not frauds but to be safe, stick with reliable companies such as Mai Linh and Vinasun. Get out of any taxi that refuses to turn on the meter. Or for a sure thing just book a car through Grab. You can see the price on the app ahead of time.

Weather isn’t the same everywhere

Vietnam is generally hot and humid however, due to its geographical location and shape, the country experiences different climate zones in different places.   

The North of Vietnam can be in the snow while the South can be hot. To make sure you are dressed for the season, pack your clothing according to your itinerary and the month you are visiting. Proper waterproof shoes, raincoats, umbrellas – these are all your friends.

You can work while you travel because Wifi is great

Digital nomads can still work whilst traveling, the wifi in the country is decent. It may not be as topnotch as the other countries but it is a connection you need to get things done. 

The good news is that almost all the hostels and hotels provide very good internet. So you can also avoid buying a local sim if the internet is all you need.

Avoid tap water

Note that the tap water in Vietnam is undrinkable, so make sure to avoid this at all costs. Even locals don’t drink tap water and most food vendors don’t even use it to cook. 

Bottled water can be found literally anywhere, so stock a few in your hotel room.

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