Temples to See in Vietnam

Temples to See in Vietnam


The temples to see in Vietnam embody the country’s pious characteristics towards faith and belief.

Bai Dinh Temple – Ninh Binh

The Bai Dinh Temple in Ninh Binh is one of the well-known temples to see in Vietnam. It was the largest pagoda to be built in the country with a staggering land area of 539 hectares including the remarkable Bao Thap (also known as stupa) which consists of 12 levels illuminated during the night.

It’s the largest building – the Dien Tam The has the most intricate built amongst all buildings in the area. It consists of 3 layers of 12 curved Vietnamese blades which stand as roofs.

The ancient worshipping house will be found at the heart of the complex and a little worshipping temple for Genie Cao Son on the right. To its left is another worshipping house for Saint Nguyen.

Adjacent to Saint Nguyen is the Dark Cave for worshipping fairy.

It is best to visit the temple after the Tet Nguyen Dan known as the Lunar New Year where the weather is warm and pleasant.

Bai Dinh Temple - Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Tran Quoc Temple – Hanoi

The temple of Tran Quoc can be found on a small island East of Ho Tay in the Tay Ho District. It was established about 1500 years ago, the Tran Quoc is considered the oldest temple in Thang Long – Hanoi.

The temple is renowned for its unrivaled beauty and was acknowledged by Thrillist – one of the must see temples to see in Vietnam.

It is an infusion of poetry and aesthetics inspired by a blooming lotus flower. It also features a large courtyard accentuated by red bricks with a large incense burner where both visitors and Buddhists can offer their incense.

The temple houses several statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva highlighted with a wooden statue of Shakyamuni Buddha with a golden lipstick.

Tran Quoc Temple - Hanoi, Vietnam

One Pillar Temple – Hanoi

Nestled at the heart of a square shaped lotus pond, the One Pillar Temple embodies a rising lotus flower emerging from the water.

Its history dates back between 1028 and 1054 under Emperor Ly Thai Tong of the Ly Dynasty. And today, it is considered one of the most iconic temples found in Vietnam.

The temple is made from wood on a single stone pillar and was designed like a blossoming lotus. It has undergone several rehabilitation to maintain the structure. The most recent was in 1955 where its base was ruined during the French evacuation.

One Pillar Temple - Hanoi, Vietnam

Linh Ung Temple – Danang

Located at the Linh Ung Pagoda in Bai But Son Tra Peninsula around 10km away from the heart of Da Nang lies the Linh Ung Temple.

The temple sits atop the Son Tra mountain bearing a turtle shape. The most noticeable feature in this temple is the 67m-high statue of the Quan The Am Buddha – the tallest statue found in the country.

In its heart are the statues of Buddha Shakyamuni alongside Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Three Bodhisattva, the four Dharma protectors, and 18 Arhat.

It’s fascinatingly arranged to protect the main hall.

Linh Ung Temple - Danang, Vietnam

Vinh Trang Pagoda – Tien Giang Province

The Vinh Trang Pagoda sits perfectly at the center of the Mekong Delta. It is one of the most popular temples to see in Vietnam especially in the Delta region.

It is located around 3KM from the city of Mỹ Tho – making it more accessible to both locals and tourists.

The pagoda features unique architectural characteristics – combining both Asian and European styles such as French, Roman, Thai, Cambodian, and Champa. A fantastic work of art and culture!

The green ornaments and intricately designed walls add up to the vibe and overwhelming aesthetics of the temple. It consists of several structures: the front hall, the main hall, the ancestral house, the rear house with a total area of over 14,000 square meters.

Another notable feature in the temple is its statues. It houses 60 Buddhas in wood, copper, terracotta, cement; seven sets of Bat Tien, Moon, and Sun; Dai Hong Chung named Phap Bao; a 1.2meter height bronze bell that was cast in 1854.

Vinh Trang Pagoda - Tien Giang Province, Vietnam

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