Street Food: Top Places To Eat in Hanoi

Street Food: Top Places To Eat in Hanoi


The top places to eat street food in Hanoi offer a full Vietnamese culinary experience.

Being the capital city of Vietnam, this city has so much to offer! Aside from its sweeping views, french-colonial buildings and spectacular pagodas and museums, the city is also packed with flavorful dishes you surely don’t want to miss!


The Ta Hien Street is nestled at the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi – the top contender in our list of top places to eat street food in Hanoi.

The street spans two hundred meters and is commonly known as the “international crossroads” due to the number of foreigners that flock this street. Ta Hien street has also been included as one of the must-see places in Hanoi.

The streets of Ta Hien is a simple reminder of Vietnam’s face before its urbanization – a place where the old meets new and where the East and West collide.

With this in mind, you can be sure to find a multitude of dishes in Ta Hien. The signature snack at the streets of Ta Hien is usually roasted peanuts in basil perfectly paired with a cold beer.

Other notable dishes that can be found are fried fermented pork, noodle soup with beef, Grilled Quail with honey, vermicelli with puree minced meat, twisted fried potatoes, and fried milk batter.

Top Places to eat in Hanoi - Ta Hien Street


The Chua Lang area is typically flooded with students from surrounding institutions – Vietnam Youth Academy, the Diplomatic Academy and the Foreign Trade University. Prior to entering the area, you will be welcome by the National Academy of Public Administration plus a series of secondary schools and high schools.

A variety of both sweet and hearty meals are served all throughout the area, which by far the most famous is called “handsome brother” skewer (yep, handsome brother). Students got hooked up with grilled meat sandwiches. Also, customers love garlic butter bread and fried potatoes!

Top Places to eat in Hanoi - Chua Lang Area


This area, like the Chua Lang, is packed with students due to nearby schools that surround it. Most shops sell trendy souvenirs for students of all ages. Within the area, the famous street food haven can be explored such as Chua Boc and Phuong Mai – these streets are one of the many reasons why the Khuong Thuong area serves as a spot on the top places to eat in Hanoi. The whole area is home to a variety of unique street food snacks from pillow-shaped dumplings, meat skewers, coconut jelly, and a whole lot more. The rest of the notable dishes are yours to explore!

Top Places to eat in Hanoi - Khuong Thuong, Kim Lien Area

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