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Saving Lives through Dong Canoe Fleet


The Quang Binh and Quang Tri province is surrounded by major rivers, streams and a vast sea. Based on the province’s topography and location, it is vulnerable to extreme flooding during heavy rain. And this has urged Mr. Tran Dang Vinh to build the 0 Dong Canoe fleet – wherein the zero signifies they don’t take any payments and is a voluntary group.

He thought of ways to use a canoe and paddleboards to provide relief goods to people stranded in the Trieu Phong and Hai Lang districts – these are some of the major places that have been greatly flooded. Leaving people with no access to food and water, Mr. Vinh took it to social media to reach out on Da Nang volunteer groups, businesses and sponsors to unite and help alleviate the situation.

After several talks with the involved local authorities, they find it challenging to send out the relief goods to affected areas around the said provinces – the lack of boats have been a major hurdle to cover everyone. Thus, Mr. Vinh transported 2 large canoes from Da Nang to Quang Tri. With the help of Da Nang’s SUP forces, they had enough manpower to maneuver and row the canoes – increasing the possibility to distribute supplies to different affected villages and remote areas throughout the province.

The whole fleet of 0 Dong Canoe is currently experiencing high volume of calls as water surges rapidly – engulfing several areas in the province of Quang Binh and Quang Tri. According to Mr. Vinh, the whole Quang Binh is up all night in the cold rain, he only wishes there were 100 more canoes for their aid”. Popularized by the dong car fleet which transports food and medicine during the COVID-19 condition, the 0 dong canoe fleet serves as rescue options for remote areas suffering from floods. It is used to safely rescue stranded people in the central provinces.

Recently, every member of the fleet is constantly on the road responding to any call for help – utilizing 2 large canoes to urgently transport hundreds of trapped residences to temporary rescue centers away from the dangers and raving cold of the flood.

There have been instances wherein the brothers were soaked in heavy rain and wind, rocking the canoe too hard that SUP volunteers fell over. This resulted in canoes being dragged very hard by the incident.

Thankfully, everyone was safe amidst the incident. With continuous strategic planning, the results have been great for the fleet. Enabling the two large canoes to deliver the goods to families who had been isolated for many days.

Currently, the most practical items brought immense joy to both the volunteers and the affected residents “, Mr. Vinh said.

The fleet has been on its toes since the first few days of October, floods have rapidly affected Quang Tri and in some cases, less fortunate households have to transport pregnant mothers to hospital for childbirth – the fleet has been the easiest and most accessible way of transportation at times of emergencies and thankfully, Mr Vinh’s fleet caters to these kinds of situations.

In total, the 0 Dong Canoe fleet received 460 million VND and with the combined effort of the elite SUP and canoe team under the coordination of the Hai Lang District Committee and other local authorities, more than 4,000 relief goods have been distributed. The rescue and relief plan for flooded residence will evolve into a post-flood support plan – marking a new start for anyone who has been affected by the severe flooding in Central Vietnam.

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