Saigon Animals rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Home for Paralyzed Dogs and Cats


Nguyen Thi Ngoc has been caring for paralyzed dogs and cats for more than 6 years. And every time these fur-babies find a new place to call home, Ngoc is the first person to celebrate. 
Ngoc has a 300-meter square rehabilitation house located at a farm in Hung Long Commune within the Binh Chanh District.
Each day, Ngoc visits to feed the hungry animals – dividing cooked rice into equal proportions to accommodate all of the hungry mouths. Some animals in the rehabilitation home are paralyzed and are unable to move while some others try to creep their way to their food.

Once the animals are fed, they then continue the day with a physical therapy session starting with a dog named Dua Kho – an abandoned paralyzed dog in the Mekong Delta Tien Giang Province. 

Ngoc pours liquid medicine on the dog’s legs followed by a series of massages to stimulate the nerves and muscles prior to helping the paralayzed canine into a wheelchair.

The said canine has been undergoing physical therapy for the past week. Dua Kho was sent to Ngoc through a 51-yr old woman from the U.S named Hang. According to Hang, no one wanted to adopt Dua Kho on the first few days that he was rescued, however thanks to Ngoc, the lovely canine has gained its ability to walk.

Ngoc had been rescuing both felines and canines that she accidentally encountered in the streets.This started when Ngoc met Plus, a paralyzed cat. She learned physical therapy in the hopes of giving Plus a new chance in life. And with the help of tutorial videos online, she was able to create a handmade wheelchair.

This paved the way for Ngoc to create a rehabilitation home for disabled or abandoned dogs and cats in the streets. These animals remain in her care until such time that they find someone to adopt them.

This has never been an easy journey for Ngoc. Several of these animals died in her care during the early years that she has just started. She would also save up to fund the animals through working as early as 5 AM as a motorbike taxi driver. 

At noon, Ngoc would take a break from delivering orders just to check on her cats and dogs. Her fur babies would play with each other while she’s out and when she sees they try to bully each other, Ngoc would just speak on her phone saying: do not bully a friend.

Magically, the canines that would hear this would behave themselves and stop fighting. The home has two fans that run 24/7 to keep the animals from dehydrating and irritated under the heat of the sun. They lie safe and sound asleep as Ngoc continues her day’s of work – truly something that brings immense happiness to her.

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