Preferred Internet Provider in Vietnam

Preferred Internet Provider in Vietnam


Know what are the preferred internet providers in Vietnam that can help you with communication and internet connection too!

There are three main ISPs in Vietnam namely VNPT, Viettel, and FPT respectively.

The biggest preferred internet provider in the country is the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication or known as VNPT.

It is owned by the government and also serves as the national postal carrier of the country. Viettel on the other hand is owned by the military and sits next to VNPT based on the market share.

The third most popular in Vietnam is FPT which is a private company.

Last year, Vietnam’s ISP giant – Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) received a prestigious award as the “Best Fixed Broadband Provider in Vietnam”.

The award was given by the International Data Group (IDG) in Vietnam and The Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam.

The awards were based on the several survey results “Assessing Customers’ Satisfaction in 2020”.

VNPT has numerous internet packages that its users can use thus no wonder it is the most preferred internet provider in Vietnam.

Basic home internet package is at 189,000 VND per month (USD 8.2) inclusive of taxes. It’s typical speed is upto 30 Mbps.

It’s common in Vietnam to promise different speeds for domestic and international access, with international internet access sometimes hampered by damage to undersea cables among other reasons.

On the other end, VNPT’s cable internet package goes up to a maximum domestic speed of 200 Mbps, with 2 Mbps minimum speed for international listed.

This much faster plan comes at the cost of VND 1,119,000 (USD $51.7) per month, which is still quite cheap and stable.

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