Popular Alcoholic Drinks in Vietnam

Popular Alcoholic Drinks in Vietnam


Vietnam is more than just a travel destination and one of the best places to have fun. Picturesque beaches, exciting adventures and experiences, holistic and religious encounters, and of course, nightlife, cafe, food, and drinks.

In this article, know what are the popular alcoholic drinks in Vietnam that will surely give you and your friends a great time (drink moderately!)


One of the popular alcoholic drinks in Vietnam (and perhaps around the world) is beer. The country is considered the highest beer consumption in the world. 

Draught beer in Hanoi is tasty and cool, which can ease the heat and thirst quickly. It is wonderful drinking a glass of draught beer under the hot and humid weather conditions in Hanoi. 

This kind of beer is very light at around 3° ABV, so pretty much this won’t make you drunk. Besides the draught beer, some popular bottled beers are Saigon beer, 333, and Huda Beer. 

Beer an Alcoholic Drink

Vang Dalat

Known as the cheapest wine available in Vietnam, this Vang Dalat originated from the mountainous region of Dalat. 

Thanks to its temperate climate, Dalat is one of the few areas of the country where vineyards can thrive. 

However, Dalat grapes are notorious for their bitter taste, giving this wine a very distinctive flavor, to say the least. Drinking it will certainly be memorable, thus it’s difficult not to feel some sort of ironic affection for this brand.

Vang Dalat Wine

Vodka Hanoi

Originated from Hanoi,  this local brand of vodka is one of the country’s most dependable. It’s not exactly premium liquor, but Vodka Hanoi is a spirit of reasonable quality given its relatively low price

Although it won’t blind you, it still might give you the mother of all hangovers if you go overboard. 

A liquor as widely available and reasonably priced as this one will undoubtedly draw repeat customers in spite of the consequences, earning its place in the hearts of many.

Vodka Hanoi an Alcoholic Drink

Rice wine

One of the popular alcoholic drinks in Vietnam is rice wine. It is made of distilled fermented cereal (normally rice) used on special occasions such as Tet holidays, wedding ceremonies, or funerals. 

The wine is considered as the best flavor when it has a high level of purity and limpidness, together with fragrance, sweetness, spicy, and relatively high alcohol content (from 39 to over 45 degrees) but it does not make the drinkers have a headache. 

Be noted that you can easily get drunk after trying some cups of rice wine, so take a little amount only.

Rice wine

Snake whiskey

Whiskey with a snake and insects is more interesting to tourists as a souvenir, not for consumption, although the Vietnamese themselves make tinctures from snakes, Scorpions, centipedes, marine reptiles, and even birds, and eat a lot as a therapeutic and preventive tool. 

The Vietnamese people believe that rice wine helps with keeping you healthy. 

Most often, the sale occurs with whiskey with a snake, Scorpion or other reptiles. 

Pour in the bottle of cheap whiskey or rice moonshine, and in the end, the taste and the smell are foul-smelling fish, bugs, and moonshine tincture. After eating you can add whiskey or vodka repeatedly.

Snake whiskey

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