Nanovax Covid-19 Vaccines Given to Volunteers

Nanovax Covid-19 Vaccines Given to Volunteers


Nanovax Covid-19 vaccines given to volunteers on January 12th to mark its first stage of human trials in Vietnam.

Nanovax Covid-19 vaccines are developed by Vietnam – recently the highest dose of these were given to three women aged 20-22.

These women will then be monitored for 72 hours in Military Medical University in Hanoi while the other 17 volunteers from the testing programme will follow once safety is confirmed.

Two groups in 20s each are tested with 25mcg and 50 mcg doses during December 17 and 26.

So far, the effects are only mild fever for 24hrs and some bearable pain during the injection according to Associate Professor Dr Chu Van Men, Military Medical University’s Director.

All tested volunteers are currently in stable condition now he adds.

Nanovax vaccines given to volunteers are set on January 15 or 16 for the second dose of 25 mcg.

Based on the first clinical trial, the vaccine’s safety with optimal dosage is 50% complete.

The country expects to gather all necessary data on clinical testing by the end of this year prior to considering a mass vaccination.

The Nanovax Covid-19 vaccines given to volunteers were developed by the Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology JSC and the Vietnam Military Medical University. It is considered the country’s first-ever nominee to battle the novel coronavirus.

Vietnam is one of the Asian countries that have somehow shown successful containment of the virus during this pandemic. The joint effort of the government and its people’s cooperation has shown immense effectivity.

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