Mountains near Saigon for hiking

Mountains near Saigon for hiking


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head on notable mountains near Saigon for hiking!

As the business hub of Vietnam, Saigon is the center of innovation, technology, staggering skyscrapers and of course, people.

It can get extremely stressful in the vast city and there would be instances wherein you’d love to take a deep breath and be with nature.

Read on to know the popular mountains near Saigon for hiking!

Ba Den Mountain – Tay Ninh Province

A personal favorite of the locals, the Ba Den mountain is approximately 90KM away from Saigon.

Hiking on its mountain trail can take at least 2 hours or more depending on your pacing. It takes a full day to climb up and back down, there are several trekkers who would camp overnight and go down the next day.

Aside from the Ba Den mountain, you can also include the Cu Chi tunnel as it is close by.

The mountain offers rich greens with abundant orchards and fruit trees. Expect a cold breeze in the morning should you plan on camping, plus a spectacular view with a sea of clouds!

There are several trekking routes to the peak of the mountain depending on the difficulty. Otherwise, you can just skip the hassle and hop on the cable car.

Ba Den Mountain - Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam

Chua Chan Mountain

Another one of the most popular mountains near Saigon for hiking is the Chua Chan Mountain. It is known as the second-highest mountain in the south next to Ba Den and comes with different names such as Gia Ray and Gia Lao.

The Chua Chan mountain sits 110km away from Saigon and will take approximately 3 hours by motorbike.

The mountain is most suitable for beginners as it features paved staircase and dirt paths. However, its dirt path isn’t marked yet and you just need to follow the worn-down areas to find your path.

You will encounter several locals as you go along with your trek. You will also pass by a pagoda at its lower end.

The summit of the mountain is at 800 meters and will take 2-3 hours of trek depending on your speed. But as you reach the top, it is more than worthy of the effort as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the Dong Nai Province.

For an instagrammable selfie, try to climb up the triangle shaped boulder found at the peak!

Chua Chan Mountain in Vietnam

Nui Dinh Mountain – Suoi Da & Suoi Tien

Situated 90 minutes away from the heart of Saigon, the Nui Dinh mountain is a piece of haven for anyone seeking a tranquil place to explore.

It features several river deltas, with abundant flora and fauna along the way. It also has a series of streams on rocky slopes and a dozen of Buddhist temples and pagodas.

In its lower end are the fresh water springs of Suối Đá and Suối Tiên that form a multiple natural pools perfect for a rejuvenating dip!

The Suối Đá is packed with 5 different bathing pools spread on multiple levels. The entrance is free during weekdays and expect a minimum fee on the weekends and holidays where the springs are flocked by visitors.

On the hand, the Suối Tiên is an accessible spring accentuated with a series of eucalyptus trees along the way.

To experience the spring, avoid heading there during the rainy season, which is between May to October.

One has to go through rocky trails that lead to an awe-striking pool of sparkling blue water. It is then surrounded by vines with intricately twisted roots.

There is a cafe shack nearby should you feel the urge to munch however, when visiting, be mindful of your litter.

Nui Dinh Mountain - Suoi Da & Suoi Tien, Vietnam

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