Lining Up for a 2,000 VND Steamed Rice

Lining Up for a 2,000 VND Steamed Rice


Lining up for a 2,000 VND steamed rice – a shop in Hanoi gets crowded over the winter for serving affordable rice to its customers.

Yen Vui restaurant is known to be the first restaurant to serve 2,000 VND steamed rice to anyone who needs to fill their belly.

It has then since garnered the attention of locals especially the less fortunate ones. According to its frequenters, the rice smells great and delicious to eat too. Plus, the shop also offers fruits for dessert.

The restaurant is the 13th branch of the Yen Vui rice chain and Smile which is sponsored by Lotus charity fund.

It is located at the local area wherein street vendors, taxi drivers, shoemakers, and the homeless can take advantage of the shop, it is located at 136 Lane 88 Tran Quy Cap (Dong Da, Hanoi).

The shop is mostly crowded from 11 AM where several sort of workers gather in front of the shop and start lining up for the 2,000 VND steamed rice.

One of its frequenters – a homeless man named Dao spends his day picking up cicadas at the Hanoi railway station area and heads to the restaurant for charity rice.

Another customer, a 73-year old man named Mr Dao, pulled a crumpled 2,000 VND bill for his tray of steaming rice and said, the rice is delicious!

The owner of Yen Vui restaurant, Mr Nguyen Cao So said that the dishes served at 2,000 VND are clean and tasty – all of these efforts are for the love of people especially on cold winter days and summer.

Mr Son and several staff and volunteers at the restaurant consider themselves shippers. Giving away a tray of warm rice to laborers and receiving donations from donors.

All of these kind hearted efforts are sometimes being rewarded by frequenters of the restaurant with random things in return. Some customers bring them vegetables and fruits to show gratitude for their good deeds.

To be able to provide affordable meals to the needy, Mr Son plans on opening more stores moving forward.

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