Iconic Building Replicas Made

Iconic Building Replicas Made of Toothpicks


Iconic building replicas made of toothpicks are a specialty of a 46-year old from Saigon – Hoang Tuan Long.

He first started to like collecting building replicas as a hobby and developed into creating his own way back in 2012. Previously, he tried using strings from musical instruments and formex pieces to no avail.

This made him try a different approach and utilize bamboo toothpicks instead. With this, he has then been creating replicas of One Pillar Pagoda, the White House in the US, Big Ben in the U.K and other notable landmarks.

Initially, he never had the intention to make money out of his replicas, however, one of his friends suggested to sell some of his masterpieces and earn.

Accordingly, he doesn’t make a large number to earn. He has standards and requirements that he follows – buyers aren’t allowed to bargain nor push him. However, should they be unsatisfied, they can return the item back to him.

Looking at the replicas Hoang Tuan Long has created, one can notice how meticulous and intricate its designs are. And thus, entails a lot of patience.

Long is keen to details of every replica and follows the exact structure dimensions. The process starts with his drawing it on his computer.

It is then followed by laser-cutting the mica pieces with a thickness of around 2 millimeters. It is then glued together with the toothpicks that serve as the base.

He then uses a plier to cleanly cut any excess in his masterpiece.

A miniature replica of the Church of All Saints in Minsk, Belarus took him more than 4 months to finish gathering 200,000 toothpicks.

One of his popular replicas that depicts the Tan Dinh Church in Saigon is a miniature cross with engraved patterns of the church’s windows!

An iconic masterpiece of his, the Capitol Building in the US was then handed over to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum in Dubai

The deputy head of the museum’s department of exhibiting and archiving praised Long’s masterpiece and said it is too glorious to be true.

It is a favourite item in their famous collection and buying it was one of the best decisions they made in 2016, he added.

Long plans on sharing his knowledge and skills to other people which he thinks will drive more jobs for orphans and disabled people.

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