How long does Tet last in Vietnam

How long does Tet last in Vietnam?


As the most important occasion in Asia is fast approaching the country, there are some expats who ask how long does Tet last in Vietnam?

Tet, for Vietnamese, is an occasion to express their respect and remembrance for their ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with their beloved family members.

Before, Tet was considered an essential celebration as it provided one of few long breaks during the agricultural year, which was held between the harvesting of the crops and the sowing of the next ones.

To make it easier, one can imagine Tet as a combination of Christmas and New Year: every family will get together to have big meals, decorate Tet trees and eat Tet food but to welcome the new year instead of a religious cause.

The Tet Festival in Vietnam generally falls in late January or early/mid-February. The dates vary from year to year as it is based on the lunar calendar.

The whole celebration can last a week or even more. The specific public holidays are dependent on how the dates fall over a weekend while the extra days may be declared holidays to bridge to weekends.

This year, Tet falls on February 12th, Year of the Buffalo. The actual holiday will last 1 day before and about 3-5 days after the day mentioned above.

The period before Tet is normally the busiest time for holiday shopping and preparation while the latter is mostly for family gatherings and friends’ reunions.

Some of the locals hustle to head home to their loved ones to celebrate the event while others travel to different cities in the country to relax and spend it with fun adventures to the most iconic destinations in Vietnam.

Tet festival is known to be the happiest of all the holidays in the country filled with decorations and fun activities for every age. Thus, it is the most anticipated in the country!

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