How Do Vietnamese People Celebrate New Year?

How Do Vietnamese People Celebrate New Year?


How Do Vietnamese People Celebrate New Year? Here’s a sneak peek on what you should know about New Year in Vietnam!

Vietnam has a different new year compared to the typical new years that is generally celebrated in most countries across the globe. However, as time goes by, Vietnam has adjusted to the Western culture and its new years are also lively celebrated in the country, so how do Vietnamese people celebrate New Year?

Vietnam considers the Lunar New Year its official new year, however, the typical New Year initially celebrated by Western countries is an anticipated holiday in the country.

The Vietnamese government has allowed this day to be a holiday thus, people don’t need to show up to work and enjoy relevant activities.

The people in Vietnam find this as a chance to hangout with relatives, travel or organize a small get together party.

In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh conducts lively activities to welcome the upcoming year. Since Saigonese people are said to be greatly influenced by various cultures, they are often the ones who celebrate the holiday.

Its streets are vibrantly decorated and flooded with fascinating colorful lights. This adds up to the excitement of everyone around the city.

At the same time, shopping malls, amusement parks and tourist attractions in the city are congested with anticipating people – Vietnamese and foreigners alike.

You can expect several bewitching firework displays all throughout the big cities of the country particularly in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh. This is greatly awaited by both children and adults in the country. According to the Vietnamese culture, firework displays are said to bring messages of love, peace and prosperity for the whole nation.

On the other hand, Hanoians would also decorate its streets, installing light systems in its main boulevards, parks and well known structural establishments which also includes some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the city.

Along with these fun decorations are several cultural and artistic activities. One of the most notable and awaited is the Solar New Year.

For most of the country, as Christmas ends, Vietnamese people would also prepare for Tet. People would rush to shops for radiant decors and Vietnamese New Year trees. Most shopping malls and markets are flooded with a sea of people purchasing stuff for the Tet holidays.

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