Homestay Accommodations in Ho Chi Minh

Homestay Accommodations in Ho Chi Minh


Homestay accommodations in Ho Chi Minh are increasing its trend thus more travelers seek to find a stay at these properties than in hotels.

As the busiest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh offers an array of accommodation options for anyone traveling to the city depending on the budget and preferences, of course.

However, homestay accommodations in Ho Chi Minh have recently joined the mainstream as more and more travelers flock to the city and choose to stay at homestay type of accommodation.

Here’s some of the most notable names when it comes to homestay accommodations in Ho Chi Minh.

M&K Signature Homestay

Nestled at one of the streets at Phuong Benh Thanh, M&K Signature Homestay features a retro style finish and interiors.

Journey onto Saigon during the 50s and the 60s with M&K Signature’s classic rooms. Each room is designated with a specific name based on their styles which varies from French-influenced to old Vietnamese.

M&K Signature Homestay in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Lela Homestay Saigon

Known to be a small yet comfy homestay in Ho Chi Minh, Lela Homestay Saigon offers dormitory lodging.

Its bunk beds are built with stacked blocks which are more private compared to other bunk beds that only have a curtain for partition. Plus it comes with enticing marble tiles.

The Lela Homestay Saigon might only be a one-floor property in a mainstream vintage apartment within the city however, it packs all the essential things any travelers would need during a trip.

Aside from being a comfy accommodation, Lela Homestay Saigon is also strategically close to well-known attractions in Ho Chi Minh. Not to mention, it is surrounded by Vietnamese coffee shops, spas, and massage centers as well as a shopping mall.

Lela Homestay Saigon in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Little Saigon Homestay

Nestled in a tranquil alleyway at the heart of Ho Chi Minh, Little Saigon Homestay is considered a found treasure in the bustling city.

It features a minimalist design, spacious and comfy rooms with typical house amenities such as a kitchen, dining area and rooftop.

This also includes a common area for the guests with a souvenir section. Its rooftop offers a fascinating view on top of the serenity of the area – a laid-back afternoon with friends.

Little Saigon Homestay in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

OTRO Homestay

OTRO Homestay is a cheek property that is mostly preferred by young adults. The property features an impressive and striking design.

Its tables, chairs, cups, and other items accentuate the simplicity and beauty of a vintage house from the 80s with vibrant wallpapers, pillows, and even a sedge mat.

The old gray wooden table with simple household items such as porcelain cups, betel nuts, and the colorful vase make this homestay the house of noblemen.

The dining room is mainly featured with wooden furniture, colorful walls with vivid puzzle pieces, and eye-catching lanterns on the ceiling which can make your meal more wonderful.

OTRO Homestay in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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