Getting Around Da Nang

Getting Around Da Nang


There are several ways of getting around Da Nang while exploring. Whichever you prefer, expect to see equally stunning views along the way!


Due to how vast the city is, it is quite impossible to explore the totality of Da Nang on foot. However, if you’re located near the beach, walking is one best option for getting around Da Nang.

You can enjoy strolling at its beach and find several seafood restaurants that offer delectable dishes while enjoying its views.

However, should you wish to visit the other side of the river, walking is not advisable. Da Nang’s main attractions have been spread across the city that it would be best to explore through a vehicle.

Getting Around Da Nang  - Walking


Getting around Da Nang through Grab or taxi is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to traverse the other side of the river.

For Grab, it’s extra hassle free as you can book your trip through its app plus it can save you a couple of money compared to hopping on in a typical taxi.

And since your desired location can be added to the app, it saves you a lot of time and effort explaining to the driver where you’ll be going.

Booking through the app allows you to pay through your credit card making it more convenient for you just make sure you have enough data allocated during your trip!

There are also several taxis available around Da Nang if you don’t have the Grab app available on your phone. Most taxis are parked near hotels, tourist attractions and shopping malls.

Refrain from hopping in on random taxis around Da Nang to avoid being scammed. Always look for reliable taxi brands in the city such as Mai Linh, Taxi Xanh and Vinasun.

Note that in general, the drivers can’t fluently converse in English but for these drivers, they can fairly understand instructions. It would be best to write the address of your destination down prior to going out of your hotel.

Getting Around Da Nang - Grab/Taxi


Traveling by bus in Da Nang is also convenient and an affordable means of traveling as the fare starts from 5,000 VND – the cheapest travel option.

Traveling by bus requires effort and patience at the same time. You’ll have to get to its designated pick-up and drop off stations and wait for the bus too.

It is best to use Google Maps and have its schedule explorer lead you to the nearest bus station which also includes the arrival time of the bus.

Tickets are available on the bus and cost 5,000 VND per ride.

However, a bus is not a convenient transport to have when you arrive at the airport of Da Nand. Its pick up point is approximately three kilometers away from the arrival area.

Getting Around Da Nang - Bus


One of the most preferred options for getting around Da Nang in your own pacing is through renting bicycle.

The city has low congestion compared to other major cities in Vietnam.

Exploring through a bicycle allows you a smoother ride without the struggle of traffic and smog that can be quite annoying.

One advantage of using a bicycle is when you are staying near the beach. It allows you to paddle your ways through its seaside and stop when you spot an inviting restaurant along the way!

Getting Around Da Nang - Bicycle


Vietnam is generally flooded with motorbikes no matter which city you visit. However, Da Nang is the most ideal city to utilize a motorbike.

Its streets are wide, safe and you can expect less crowds. A motorbike can be rented for 100,000 VND for a day – a practical option to explore the city without blowing up your budget.

One of the most notable coast roads in the city’s Son Tra peninsular that offers sweeping views on top of a laid back ride.

Getting Around Da Nang - Motorbike

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