Food Delivery Apps Available in Vietnam

Food Delivery Apps Available in Vietnam


Food is essential wherever you go but so is convenience for some people. While in your leisure travel in Vietnam, there will surely be moments wherein you get caught up (or just wanting to stay indoors and spend time in bed) and not wanting to go out to even grab something to munch – these food delivery apps will definitely come to your rescue for those “moments”.

Here is a list of Food Delivery Apps Available in Vietnam:


Now, used to be DeliveryNow is the first food delivery application launched in Vietnam and served as an interface model for other similar apps. It is the mainstream food delivery app available in Vietnam. The app is established by Food Corp and offers a variety of food options for users – from fresh food down to cosmetics and medicines.

In its updated version, it can now provide several service based businesses in the country or the area near you such as flower delivery, table reservation, house help, laundry service and parcel delivery. Now is a food delivery service app that has the largest number of registered shops and restaurants. With so many available versions for ease of access for free, you can order Now on the Now app, on the website or on the Shopee app.

Now app in Vietnam

2.Grab Food

GrabFood isn’t that new as a food delivery service as it is also widely available to other countries. An app that started out to be a ride-hailing option in the country now also offers food delivery service. The only difference that sets GrabFood second to the Now app is that you can’t order using a website, basically ordering food and stuff is only allowed within the app.

However, one huge advantage of GrabFood to Now is that they have more than 175,000 bike riders across Vietnam that are available to serve you – so delivery is a lot faster in comparison to Now.

Also, a unique feature on this app is the grabKitchen. It is a gathering place for the best restaurants, with the most catered orders from various people across the country, so you can choose from strange and delicious dishes that you may have never tried.

Grab Food app in Vietnam


This is an app that is a fraction of the Gojek multi-service app and is relatively similar to the GrabFood service app. Go-Food’s food ordering service, like other apps have its own pros and cons, however, if you compare the quality of food and shops that can be found in this app, Go-Food is a little less competitive.

The advantage of Go-Food is the same as that of GrabFood which has a number of Gojek partners, so you can expect a faster delivery. This app also offers less promotions and transactions are mainly cash-basis.

Currently, Go-Food app is only available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but still captured the hearts of the locals thus putting it in the third spot on this list.

Go-Food app in Vietnam


The new addition to the list of food delivery apps available in Vietnam is Baemin. The app originated in South Korea and has recently invaded the country in May 2019 after acquiring VietnamMM.

It is known as Baedal Minjok in South Korea and is the widely used food delivery app inthe leading food delivery application at the Land of the Morning Calm. Since the app is quite new, it has tons of promotional discounts and offers you can use for when ordering food.

The interface of the app has been based on the Korean vibe of adorable cuteness thus it is a chosen app by most teenagers. Despite its promotions, the app is still quite new and has a limited number of restaurants and partner drivers. It is also currently exclusive to the Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

Baemin app in Vietnam

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