What district is best for me, you ask? Read the article below to know which district in Vietnam best suits you.

There are several factors that need to be determined to answer one of the most common questions by expats – what district is best for me?

Factors like quality education, family, commercial centres and employment. Alongside this are a safe and fun environment.

In an urban jungle such as Ho Chi Minh, you can’t expect a laid back lifestyle and most expats would prefer to be in a quiet and tranquil area.

These are expats that like to have a taste of nature, share the street with bicycles, spend an alone time at the river or sip a cup of coffee at a local cafe.

The District 2 houses most expat families in the city, it offers international schools and safe streets. Basically, facilities found in this city are aimed at the expat community – from shopping malls to small businesses and hair salons – and the majority of people here are foreign.

It is its most inviting charm for expats – offering the best of both worlds to foreigners. A family-friendly district with comfortable Westernized housing options.

Aside from its characteristics, District 2 is less crowded and less expensive. Some of the main reasons why it is the most ideal place to live is it is not too far from the city center: just 10 km (6.22 miles) away. Thanks to the new Dong-Tay Boulevard project, it normally takes only 15 minutes to 20 minutes to commute between District 1 and District 2.

If you are tired of crowded streets with crazy motorbike riders in the city center, you may find larger roads with fewer riders in district 2 so enjoyable.

Some of the most notable addresses in District 2 are Thao Dien, Thu Thiem and An Phu where you’ll find quieter streets lined high-end apartments and villas – some with pools and in walled compounds – at more reasonable rents than in District 1.

At the moment, the city still has a sprinkle of laid back but it is slowly engulfed with development.

There is a growing number of fashionable restaurants, shops, grocery stores and facilities you should need for day to day living. With its cleaner air, fewer people and lack of tourists, District 2 has quickly evolved into a vibrant and urban area with plenty of trendsetting places to eat, shop and simply hang out.