Nightlife in Vietnam

Expat Guide: What to Expect About the Nightlife in Vietnam


The nightlife in Vietnam is one of the most anticipated by most travelers heading to the country.

At night, the country transforms into a magical realm – offering several entertainment options to everyone. Some expats crave the fun and lively parties in some areas in the country like the notable Bui Ven in Ho Chi Minh or the Ta Hien in Hanoi.

In this article, get a chance to have a sneak peek at the nightlife in Vietnam!


Nightlife is commonly associated with hanging out at the bar or lounge. The bars in Vietnam have gone through a series of modernization to go head-to-head with other bars in the different parts of the world.

Ho Chi Min and Hanoi houses some of the famous bars and lounge areas in the country. The most notable in Hanoi is the Swing Lounge – considered a top destination to be for travelers.

The Swing Lounge is nestled at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It is usually chosen as a venue for music nights by Vietnamese artists.

On the other hand, Ho Chi Minh has Boudoir Lounge and luxury Hôtel des Arts Saigon, Social Club Rooftop Bar. These bar and lounge areas offer a quaint social space.

However, should you aim to have a bird’s eye view of Ho Chi Minh, the Social Club Rooftop Bar is the place to be!

Bar/Lounge in Vietnam


Perhaps one of the most common nightlife entertainment in most parts of Asia, karaoke can be enjoyed sun up to sun down.

However, most would prefer to sing their hearts out at night. The network of karaoke bars in Vietnam ranges from urban to rural, from small private businesses to well-invested karaoke chains.

One of the well-known karaoke places is iCool. It features well-built karaoke bars with prompt and professional service.

Karaoke in Vietnam


Party like never before when joining live concerts in Vietnam. The locals are fond of outdoor performing arts however, they bring the hit a notch up when it comes to large-scale music festivals.

As an effect of modernization, Vietnam also embraces the K-Pop fever alongside Korean stars’ tours.

In recent months prior to the pandemic, the country has pointed its interest towards creating venues to accommodate huge crowds and events. These include countdown programs to welcome the New Year annually in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, or the concerts organized by large enterprises to promote products.

Due to the situation, there are no large gatherings allowed in the country. However, once everything is back to normal joining the concert held in Vietnam is a thing not to be missed!

Concert in Vietnam

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