Do you need a guide when traveling in Vietnam?

Do You Need a Guide When Traveling in Vietnam?


Do you need a guide when traveling in Vietnam? A common question for any aspiring adventurers heading to the Land of the Ascending Dragon.

Vietnam welcomes thousands of travelers every year, both first time travelers and frequenters. For first time travelers, one of the most common questions is if you would need a guide when traveling to Vietnam.

Traveling on a DIY is absolutely great and thrilling, however, for first timers, it is always best to get yourself someone knowledgeable about the place. 

The biggest advantage of having a guide is having someone with a local perspective with you. They have various information about the place and even a local’s own experience. 

Aside from this, they are also equipped with information that can’t be searched on the internet or elsewhere. They can also show you how local’s etiquette and culture.

Aside from the added information, one of the most crucial reasons why you need a guide when traveling in Vietnam is immediate help. 

Life itself is unpredictable and so is traveling. Anything can happen on the road and you might end up in a situation that requires a translator or someone who can warn you against potential scammers when bargaining in the market. 

Plus an insider tip can be extremely useful when shopping in Vietnam or eating out. On top of the travel itself, you can guarantee a great time during your trip. 

The pricing for guides in Vietnam can depend on the length of the trip and the destination too especially for cross-country travels. For local guides (mostly from tour companies), the price is between $40-$100.

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