Most beautiful towns in Vietnam

Destination Highlights: Most Beautiful Towns in Vietnam


There are several beautiful towns in Vietnam – irresistible, magical, and interesting. The only problem that you might encounter is where to start first?

Hoi An

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hội An is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Vietnam and is deemed an important tourist destination.

The city is characterized by its mouthwatering cuisine, intriguing history, and irresistible charm. Hội An is one of the cities that best matches many travelers’ ideas of what Vietnam is like.

A major port between the 16th and 18th centuries, it owes its beauty to a combination of Asian and European influences. Small enough to explore on foot, Hội An’s streets are dotted with Chinese temples, lively food markets, and wooden-fronted shophouses.

Galleries selling local artwork and laid-back open-air cafes add a charming, bohemian element. There is also an annual lantern festival, which takes place along the Hoai River.

Electric lights are turned off, and the streets are lit by colorful lanterns and the glow of the moon.

Hoi An in Vietnam

Da Lat

Sitting at an altitude of 1.5km (about a mile) above sea level, Đà Lạt offers year-round cool weather and serene mountain scenery.

This quaint city was once a favorite retreat of Vietnamese emperors and French colonials eager to escape the country’s summer heat.

The European influences are still noticeable in the French colonial architecture found in the city’s central area, where the streets are lined with red-roofed stone buildings. With lovely churches, markets, winding streets, and colorful gardens, this city is a wonderful place for strolling.

The surrounding area offers lakes, forests and waterfalls – perfect for trekking, biking and rock-climbing.

Da Lat in Vietnam

Mai Chau

Mai Chau, third on our list of most beautiful towns in Vietnam, is known for its green rice fields. With a little elevation, the heat and humidity which can zap your energy in Vietnam are not as oppressive in this lush, picture postcard perfect valley.

Mai Chau is approximately a 4-hours drive from southwest of Hanoi, the Mai Chau valley provides a perfect way to experience rural Vietnam. There are a few hotels available in the valley or homestays with a local village family are popular in the area. Many of the local villagers have Thai heritage and the wooden homes are built on stilts.

Biking and hiking are popular activities for visitors, but the real attraction of Mai Chau is the scenery and a chance to relax and enjoy a bit of nature especially if you have been in the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

Mai Chau in Vietnam

Sa Dec Flower Market, Dong Thap

Known to be the flower enthusiast’s haven, Sa Dec flower village holds the title for the biggest flower supplier in South Vietnam with a staggering 500HA of land and around 2,300 households that specialize in growing flowers and bonsai.

Coming to Sa Dec flower gardens, you will have a feeling like you are walking in the wonderland of colors and aromas.

There are hundreds of flowers, plants, and herbs from simple trees to priceless bonsai with beautiful and uncanny forms. You can visit Sa Dec flower village at any time of the year, especially during Tết (Lunar New Year).

Sa Dec Flower Market in Dong Thap, Vietnam

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