Cycling Destinations in Vietnam

Cycling Destinations in Vietnam


The cycling destinations in Vietnam allow anyone to see some of the most scenic places in the country! Hop on your bike and pedal along.

1. Can Gio Beach

The Can Gio beach is around 50KM from the heart of Ho Chi Minh city and is a preferred go-to place for short vacations.

It offers natural picturesque scenes with a cool breeze coming from the sea. The best reason why the Can Gio beach is at the top of these cycling destinations in Vietnam. The track is easy and laid back, perfect for beginners or as a practice ground for anyone preparing for a long bike ride.

For Saigonese, Can Gio is the number 1 place to go if you are craving the smell of the sea, craving the cool blue water, romantic scenery with white sand, besides there are monkey islands and Vam Sat forest, the ideal place to visit for selfies to check-in.

Can Gio is also known for its fresh seafood catch and dishes which anyone can purchase to bring home.

Can Gio Beach, Vietnam

2. Vung Tau

An advanced bicycle trail, Vung Tau is a perfect spot for anyone seeking a next-level bicycle adventure. Aside from this, expect to see striking beach spots and food shops that offer delicious meals.

The road along Vung Tau is a breathtaking journey – the scene is calm with the sound of waves and the cool wind gently blowing onto your face.

Note that Vung Tau is home to bike rentals, thus, getting one is quite easy here.

Vung Tau, Vietnam

3. Da Lat

Da Lat is one of the cycling destinations in Vietnam best for couples and any romantic journey with a loved one.

The place features towering hills, rich greens and fresh air. However, the road to Dalat is not a smooth road.

The winding road can be tricky, spiraling from the foot of the mountain to Dalat. Should you be heading here for a bike ride, make sure to be mindful and focus on the road. Expect large vehicles pouring down from the pass and steep hills along the way.

The trail found here is not for the faint of hearts, make sure you are fit with enough food and drink.

Da Lat, Vietnam

4. Danang

Skip a long journey if you’re from Ho Chi Minh heading to Da Nang for a bike ride, there are several transportation options for you such as a car or a plane.

Da Nang has followed up the list of names suitable for the type of bicycle tourism. As a dynamic and developed city, many tourists have set foot in this city to visit places such as Han River, My Khe Beach, Non Nuoc, and even its streets.

Tourists often cycle to the sea to catch the wind, enjoy fresh seafood in the sea, and back to the laid back streets of Da Nang.

Danang, Vietnam

5. Hue – Hoi An

The trail from Ho Chi Minh to Hue in Hoi An is less troublesome than that of Dalat. The road is composed of a series of narrow junctions and crossroads which are not suitable for cars and buses.

Travel back in time as you pedal your way through an ancient citadel, the old town, Thu Bon River, Cua Dai beach through tourist attractions.

Hue - Hoi An, Vietnam

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